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Vuitton here solving your latest fashion inquiries amidst all the New York fashion week madness:


Let’s go!

First up is Jenai says, I am a first year law student. I recently purchased this amazing Alice + Olivia Blue Silk Origami Pleated Dress for a law school event I am attending next month…
“It was an amazing steal…reduced significantly from the original price. But now, I’m looking for shoes! As the dress is a bright color and extravagant, I wanted to know what shoes would pair nicely with such a lovely dress but also within a student’s budget.
When we saw this dress, we thought the color would go great with a pair of simple silver heels. Here are some options:

1. Silver Satin Knotted Peep-toe Platform Pump, $16. 2. Bakers Diem , $30. 3. Steve Madden Graham , $80. 4. Bakers Julia, $40.

Make sure to keep the accessories to a minimum since the dress has the detail in the front and the shoes are silver. Long silver earrings, a clutch, and you’re good to go!

Next Meeka asks, “Is it possible to find out the designer of this shoe?

I MUST add it to my wardrobe.”

The shoe is none other than the Christian Louboutin Dillian. This shoe was designed for the 3.1 Philip Lim spring 09 show. I don’t think it’s been released to stores yet, but you can check the Louboutin website here for details.

Tiffany from Indiana University says, “I just bought a pair of black harem pants and I love them. I am not quite sure what type of top I should wear up top. I want to dress them up, so I can wear them out. I will be wearing either a pair of snakeskin pumps, or these black caged sandals. Thanks for the help! (ps. I have a lot up top so keep that in mind!)”
You should definitely stick with the caged heel since they’re all the rage right now. But we found a cute top, long strapped purse, and a coat to give you a more dressed up look, keeping your situation in mind.

1. Forever 21 quilted clutch, $13. 2. Forever 21 Fab Sleeveless Satin Top, $7.50. 3. Silence & Noise Tweed Jacket,$68

And for the finishing touch, you can add this $37  French Connection Cabachon Resin Stretch Bracelet:

And last is Omozele who writes, “Hello Fashion Bomb, Please help can you tell me where to get Kim K’s boots in size 11 that are also recession friendly?”

“…I reside in Toronto ON, Canada and these beauties will be a welcome relief from the bitter cold :)”

Guess you’re tired of looking at those Uggs too? We found some boots quite similar to Kim’s.
1. Jessica Simpson Yana boot,$150. 2. Brown Suede Knee High Platfort Boot, $23.
Don’t forget to get that protective spray so the salt from the snow doesn’t damage your boots!

Until next time…keep it fab!


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  1. The boots Kim is wearing are by report signature. They are amazing and I wear them every chance that I get.

  2. Please help. I love those strappy gold sandals that lisaraye wore to the Essence Ladies Luncheon 2009. Can you tell me who the designer is or suggest a nice substitute. Many thanks. Siri

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