Anna Sui‘s show was my last of Fashion Week, and one of my favorites.


Ms. Sui drew inspiration from a period of intellectual enlightenment in late 19th-century France better known as the Belle epoque, an era marked fashion-wise by feathers, gathered fabric treatments, and waist-defining silhouettes.


As respected as she is in the industry and beyond, Ms. Sui takes a decidedly laid-back approach to fashion, and her shows are always fun, glittering affairs. This one was no different: French indie rock blasted, golden light permeated the room, and the fashionable packed the main tent with a festive air.


From my seat at the end of the runway, it was easy to see that the signature Sui quality went heavily into these pieces: intricate fabrics, carefully tailored pleats and tucks, and lots of bold accents. Her designs are always deliberate yet effortless, perfect for the fashionista who appreciates style without taking herself too seriously.


Plain and simple, I really enjoyed this collection. Ms. Sui managed to capture the bon temps of the period without making the pieces too costume-like or gimmicky, for the most part. Strengths lay in dresses and jackets (two of my favorite clothing items), and when I learned that Anna purposely kept her production costs down as much as possible to make it more affordable for shoppers, it made me love it even more!


What do you think, Bombshells?

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  1. I read that Pat McGrath (love!) did the makeup for this show. Do you know what products she used to create those gorgeous peachy lips?


  2. @Neena J: Not sure who did the makeup but MAC was a huge Fashion Week sponsor and did the majority of the shows, so I’d try looking at their products. :-)

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