To wrap the week up, we’ve decided to bring you a bit of Real Style we didn’t have time to post. What do you think: do they have Real Style?






9 thoughts on “Real Style: Fashion Week”

  1. I was loving the first look, but hadn’t noticed the bra. In the second pic the two guys in the end are looking very fashionable. I don’t understand whats going on in the third pic and the guy in the last pick is fab. He kept it simple, yet the fur jacket and bow tie gives it that extra desirable look

  2. Yes her bra is out but if we look past that mishap, she looks hot. Kudos to her for bringing together a beautiful look. Also love her hair color.

  3. I loved the different styles. Even though i felt the green jacket was a little over the top, he definately made a fashion statement. THe second to last photo is just horrible though. I didnt see fashion anywhere in that picture.

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