It’s Friday!
Time to hang out with friends, kick back, and enjoy Mail Bombs!
First Perfektlys says, “I have been trying to find the sneaker heels Rihanna wore recently to a basketball game:”

Rihanna Sneaker Converse Heels

“…I have found similar pairs with pointed toes and stiletto heels, but am really looking for the chunkier heel that she wore. Could you please help me out?

Sure! We found that Rihanna’s wearing these Ash Spot Canvas Heels :

Rihanna Ash Sneaker Heels

Get them for $145 at www.

Next, Shanna says, “OK I don’t love Amber’s blue hair, but I do love her shoes!!”

Amber Rose Blue Hair

“…Who makes them?”
According to Love B Scott, Amber is rocking a pair of Matthew Williamson neon sandals:

Amber Rose Neon Matthew Williamson Heels

Go to for store locations.

Vinessa says, “I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for Megan Fox’s black biker boots...”

Megan Fox Boots

“… but can’t seem to find another pair like these or anything remotely as sexy looking, please help!!!”
Get a Foxy look with these boot picks:

Now for some wardrobe queries!

Tamara says, “I NEED THESE BLUE OXFORD FLATS in my life!!”

Blue Oxford Shoes

” Do you know where I could find them or anything similar? Do keep in mind that I am a BROKE college student…”
We searched and could only find this one pair of John Fluevog Blue Oxford Flats:

Blue Oxford Flats

At $124 they’re not super duper affordable, but they were recently marked down from $224! Get yours at

Lastly, Dream says, “I need a dress that is short, very fitted, and has color to it. I am willing to spend a total of $400. I have noticed plenty of celebs a-la Christina Milian, Kim Kardashian, and Cassie frequenting the club in real “freakum dresses” as Beyonce would call them:”

Freakum Dresses Keyshia Cole, Christina Milian, Cassie, Angela Simmons Herve Leger

” Where can I find a multi or single colored dress, short and fitted that will make the other ladies die with jealousy?”
Hey Dream! Make the other ladies green with envy with these 20 club dresses by Black Halo, Alice + Olivia, BCBG Max Azria, and more:

That does it!
Dream you better work your freakum dress and take pictures!
And everyone else, be sure to have amazing weekends!

8 thoughts on “Mail Bombs: Rihanna’s Ash Sneaker Heels, Amber’s Matthew Williamson Sandals, and 20 Freakum Dresses!”

  1. LMAO!! That model’s toes hanging over that Matthew Williamson shoe literally made me LOL. The shoes are hot. The toes tryna reach the ground, however, are not. Thanks for the laugh though!

  2. I agree!! I was like what’s up with the toes hanging..LOL!! But the shoes are “fierce.” Do people still say that.

  3. You mean to tell me, that was the “best” looking pair of feet they could find to model a pair of Matthew Williamson shoes?


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