Hey Bombshells!
Today we’re going to start a new feature called Fashion Bombshell of the Day! If you think you have great style, a cool story, or a splashy swagger, submit your picture to us for a daily feature! We’ll premiere a new fashionista Monday-Thursday, and on Thursday we’ll vote on Fashionista of the Week. Fashionista of the Week will eventually compete in our 2nd Most Fashionable Fashion Bomber contest, and be in the running to win a ton of cool prizes. How fun!

Today, we have Jay from Atlanta, who took cues from our Get the Look : Sasha Inspired Outfits Post. She says, “My friends and I took your advice for the Beyonce concert, going for shiny dresses in Liquid Lamé, as in the “Freakum Dress” video:”

Jay Atlanta Beyonce Freakum Dress

Beyonce Freakum Dress

“Our dresses were a hit!

How Cute!

And what a great way to kick off our Fashion Bombshell of the Day feature!

Tell us what you think of their Sasha Fierce style.


3 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Jay from Atlanta”

  1. Ladies look FAB! So creative and I’m sure they were show stoppers at the concert.

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