Hey Fashion Bombers!!
So I just arrived in NYC! Fashion Week fun starts today, but first we have a couple Mail Bombs…
fashion-bomb…we’ll keep it short!

First Kenyatta says, “I’m trying to find out where I can get the grey pumps Kourtney Kardashian is wearing in this picture. I think I saw the same pumps on Heidi Klum a few months back and I absolutely love them…
“…Where can I find them?? Thanks!
Adriana found that Heidi and Kourtney are wearing these Yves Saint Laurent Platform Pumps in grey…
…get them for $795 at www.ysl.com.

Next, Melody asks, “Can you tell me where Bey got this cute Prince shirt?

Yup! Beyonce found her shirt for $35 at cybershop www.viktorviktoriashop.com
…get your t by going here.

Christina says, “I have a pretty good grip on jumpsuits, but I have been dying to find a reasonably (reasonable meaning not straight off the runway) priced jumpsuit like this:”
“I love the length! I LOVE the fit! HELP!
Sure! Get an Angela Simmons red carpet look with these high and low price options:
Left to Right: Bebe Silk Twill Jumpsuit, $129; Marley Silk Wrap Jumpsuit, $395.

And lastly Tiffany says, “I wanted to know who designed this dress Tiny is wearing? She looks so fab!

Adriana found that Tiny is wearing this $2,800 Herve Leger Sequin Bandage dress
…Oh, and like her shoes? Get a similar pair for less here.

That does it!
Stay tuned later today for a bit of NY Scene with Adriana. I’m going to try to make it to the tents today, but honestly I’m a bit jet lagged! If anything I’ll be sure to hit the ground running this weekend, and deliver fresh pix, reviews, and news around the clock.

6 thoughts on “Mail Bombs Lite: Heidi’s YSL Pumps, Beyonce’s Prince T-Shirt, and Tiny’s Herve Leger Dress!”

  1. The best I have ever seen Tiny and a Herve dress look…except for the long one B was featured in…

  2. where can i get that jacket kelly rowland has on. it doesnt have to be that long but that exact color.

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