4 thoughts on “Chanel Iman on “Gossip Girl””

  1. Not sure why, but there has not been a top black model to cross over into acting.

    Tyra- terrrrible
    Naomi- besides MJ’s keep it in the closet?
    Beverly Johnson?
    Jessica White in Big Momma’s House 2?

    There have been many white female models to cross over succesfully, such as Geena Davis and Rebecca Romijn Stamos

  2. can’t wait! i’m sure she’ll do fine :)

    sidenote: anonymous comments are often mean spirited and therefore shouldn’t be allowed!

  3. I’m usually not one to say, “they NEED a black person to ….” but this would be great. it would be even better if she was part of the cast and not just guest staring.

    They can fit a chic black actress in. She could be the daughter of a network exec. or a politicians daughter.

    there doesn’t even have to be emphasis on her being black.

    i’ve only seen the 1st season of Gossip Girl, and the only one of color (the halfican girl) is basically poor and a vagabond….and needs to brush her hair.

    They could’ve at least made her the maid’s daughter who goes to the private school on scholarship or something.

    I digress. I think Chanel will do a great job.

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