Happy Friday!
We’ve finally recovered from the madness of H&M! Besides, a few pushes would never keep us from Mail Bombs:


First reader Merethea asks, “What is the brand name of Halle Berry’s handbag??
According to our friends over at What’s Haute, Ms. Berry is rocking this Cartier Marcello Bag:
It comes in varying sizes, averaging $1000 for the small version to $1600 for the large. Find yours at www.cartier.com.
Next Alexandrea saw this picture over at the YBF

…and says, “Can you help me recreate this look the fabulous Meagan Good is rocking??
Get her look with these:
1. Express Leather Bomber Jacket, $248. 2. Express Shiny Knit Leggings, $39.50. 3. Guess by Marciano Debbilee Sandals, $81.
Lucky you, Express.com is having a buy 1, get 1 half off sale! Get on it!
Samona says, “Where can I get Taraji’s dress…
…or a really good knock off?
We couldn’t find the exact designer, so you’ll have to settle with this $308 Tadashi Tie Front Jersey Dress:
…it’s green, ties in front, and is saucy without the shine. Good luck!
Next Gerri says, “I really love Alicia’s shoes! I especially love the pink colors!
Could you please let me know if there are more affordable shoes similar to these?
The closest thing I could find to Alicia’s shoes were these Davis By Ruthie Davis Women’s Pixel Peep Toe Booties:
At $550 they’re not quite affordable, though knowing Alicia’s steeze, they’re probably less than the originals.
Now we have a few wardrobe queries!
Jaime says, “I was hoping you guys could help me. I refuse to purchase another pair of Uggs..YES they are comfy and warm BUT they are sooooooooo ‘played’...”
Was wondering if my fashion guides (that would be you!!!) could help me in making a fabulous NEW and comfy move into a new pair of boots.
Adriana and I feel your pain! Stay cozy (and cute) in these non Ugg alternatives:
1. Ecco Women’s Winter Zone Boot, $180. 2. Cougar Cutie Boot, $58. 3. Michael Kors Altitude Wedge Boot, $440. 4. Juicy Couture Snow Zip Quilted Wedge Boot, $228. 5. Moncler Tall Bubble Boots, $500. 6. The North Face Women’s Hailey Boot, $160. 7. Sporto Women’s Gojo Boots, $80. 8. Muks Women’s Original Mukluks, $336. 9. Burberry Women’s Fur Trim Snow Boots, $595.
Lastly, Ella says, “I have a friend that has been looking for wingtip flats for women. I’ve been diligent about my search but I can’t seem to find any wingtips that aren’t heels. Any idea where I can find spectator-inspired flats?
Try these for a chic look:
1. Pour la Victoire Women’s Oxfords, $126. 2. Jeffrey Campbell Wing Tip Bootie, $100. 3. Stuart Weitzman Mailcall, $182.

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  1. I will be rockin my Uggs this winter played or not! They’re too warm and comfortable not too! You shouldn’t always follow trends, you should go with what you like and what’s best for you.

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