I know “Heartless” has been out for a while now but every time I watch this video, I get taken in by the fashion deets in the animation. The fringe and red soles on the fuschia Louboutins, the graphic designs on Yeezy’s sweater, and the exact replica of his living room. Bananas.

Can’t wait for the album–11/24!!

5 thoughts on “Music Bomb: Kanye West’s "Heartless" Video”

  1. The video is hot. The way he described it, it was shot in live action. So that’s really his living room. Then the footage was sent to japan where every frame was drawn over by an artist.

  2. Is this art imitating life? The girl(s) in the video looks like his ex Alexis Phifer to me. Maybe I’m reading too much into it.

  3. Beautiful video. But I was sorry to see the extended smoking promotion in there at the end. I know smoke looks cool . . . but kids idolize this stuff.

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