It’s Friday! Time to do what we do best…


Let’s go!
First, Alicia says, “I love this dress Beyonce wore while on vacation in St. Barths…
…can you tell me who designed it?
Sure! Bey is wearing this cute and colorful Catherine Malandrino Jeweled Tank Dress:
…get it for $525 at
Next Brittney says, “I’m looking for a dress to wear to an upcoming cabaret next month, and I found this dress that I like worn by Ashanti...”

“…Can you help me find a dress like this but more affordable? PPPLLLEEEAAAASSSEEE!!!!!!!!
Of course! Try these red hot options:
1. BCBG Tiered Satin Halter Dress, $200. 2. Sexy Ruched Halter Dress by Atria, $150.
Chanel says, “Rihanna has been photographed wearing some Black Wedge leather boots
…Do you know who makes the ones she is wearing and where I can find them (and a similar inexpensive pair)?
An anonymous Fashion Bomb tipster indicated that Rihanna is undoubtedly wearing these Balenciaga Black Wedge Boots
…hot, but they’re currently going on Ebay for about $880. Eek!
If you’re watching your pennies, Adriana found these affordable alternatives:

Paula from London asks, “I was wondering where I can get the jacket Lauren London is wearing in this photo.”
I’m from the UK so I’m finding it difficult to track down!
Adriana found that Lauren is wearing this Sean John Quilted Bomber with Detachable Hood:
Buy it here for $55.50
Now we have a few wardrobe queries!
First MK from DC says, “Help !! What can I wear with this skirt??”
Take a style cue from Julisa…

…and wear your bow skirt with a tight black top and opaque tights. Pop on a blazer for a chic finish!
And finally Jazsi says, “My name is Jaz and I LOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE FASHION. I am a senior in high school, and I am from Detroit, MI. My question is: Can you give me a few suggestions on prom dresses for the more curvy girl? I must show everyone that no matter what your size, you can still be fashionable.
You got it. Try these plus sized prom appropriate options:

1. JS Boutique Beaded Ombre Dress, $198. 2. Robbie Bee Metallic Lattice Dress (Plus), $98. 3. Daisy Silk Colorblock Maxi Dress, $415.
These dresses stand out, yet are plain enough for you to add your own funky jewelry and accessories. You better shut it down (and send pictures)!
That does it!
Any big plans for the weekend? I planned a trip to Rome, but pushed it to the spring…too much traveling lately, and I’m feeling sick:(
Stay tuned later today for a contest and much more fashion fabulosity!

8 thoughts on “Mail Bombs: Beyonce’s St. Barths Look, Rihanna’s Black Wedge Boots, and Lauren London’s Sean John Jacket!”

  1. That Sean John bomber that Lauren is wearing looks leather. Am I buggin or does it look that way to anyone else also?

  2. I don’t think that’s the same Sean John jacket, I doubt you’d find it now as it’s well over a year since they started that campaign.

  3. hey i just graduated h.s. in 2008 and for my prom finding a nice and well fitting dress was the ultimate task since i am plus sized also. So i decided to get my dress made. i absolutely loved it and made me feel so unique and special.

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