14 thoughts on “This Week in Chic: Faith, Angela Bassett, Jay-Z and more!”

  1. my eyes are bad so i cant see who it is. but i Absolutely love the man in the middle wearing the cream color coat

  2. For men I think Tyrese looked really good and for the women I would have to say Angela Bassett. I loved that dress she had on for the Notorious movie premiere.

  3. I LOVED Tyrese’s 3 piece suit w/ the burgundy vest. Then again, I’m biased b/c I love me some Black Ty.

  4. Angela Bassett looks MARVELOUS! Those polka dots are very cute. I have to agree that Tyrese is the best dressed male.

  5. Rosario has really come into her own. A few years ago she looked so plain jane but as time has passed she has become a real head turner.

    I think that color looks great Bee.

  6. Honestly, Beyonce doesn’t deserve to be on the list this week. The outfit is not flattering and her lacefront was poorly applied. That said, I think Angie B looks fab and Diddy always brings the chic.

  7. I love B and Jay but they have not been looking good (either apart or together lately). They need to play “Upgrade U” again and listen to the lyrics. I will excuse them by saying it must be love..they have each other now and don’t care. LOL.

    The other ladies and gents in the pics look nice with the suits/dresses. One does not have to be super-stylish. The basics must be covered first (e.g. hair, grooming, etc) and the rest will follow.

  8. I agree with most, B should not be on the list this week, her look is at best shoddy. Angela Bassett is killing the game as always!

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