Happy Friday!

So today I took the day off from work to celebrate the eve of a very special occasion…  
…My Birthday! Yay! 

So I’m going to keep this short so I can go enjoy the unseasonably warm January weather and the beginning of my self-appointed long weeked.

Let’s get to it!
First up, reader Jocelyn wrote in and said, “If you could help me find this dress that Rihanna has on…
… I would be deeply appreciative and re-committed to my New Years resolution of eating well and working out regularly. :-)
Alright resolutions! You can get Rihanna’s look for little as nothing with this $30 American Apparel Cotton Spandex Double U-Neck Dress…
…get the rest of her look with the following affordable options:

…now the New Years body, that’s up to you!
Next reader Nicholas fell in love with Mary J’s look in her ‘Just Fine’ video.
She says, “Any idea where I can get this dress or a replica???
It looks like Mary is simply wearing a cowl neck dress with the cowl pulled up to make a hood.
Get a Mary Essence with the following replicas:
Left to Right: Ted Baker Cowl Neck Dress, $123, www.asos.com; White + Warren Cowl Neck Dress, $209, www.neimanmarcus.com; Alice Ritter Fatima Dress in Ivory Grey, $255, www.revolveclothing.com. 
You’ll be fine!
Reader Naomi loved Alicia Keys’ style in this picture: 
She says, “This dress is so cute! Where can I get it?

Well, it looks like Alicia is wearing a banded Herve Leger dress.  While one of Leger’s creations could run you $900, you can get an Alicia Keys like look in this $288 BCBG Tiered Satin Beaded Halter Dress
…from www.macys.com. Not quite as tight, but close enough!
Lastly, reader Vanessa, who was kind enough to send in a picture…
…says, “I will be going to Miami soon and I have been searching for a dress with hidden pockets. I have seen some LaRok styles but none of them have all the qualities I am looking for. PLEASE HELP ME :o)
Hey Vanessa! One of my absolute favorite designers, Diane von Furstenberg, has made of science of placing discreet pockets on pretty feminine dresses (perfect for hot Miami).
Check out a few:
Left to Right: Eyelet Wrap Dress, $163, www.neimanmarcus.com; Ayuka Dress, $241, www.pinkmascara.com; 3/4 Length Dress, $232, www.yoox.com.
Of course one needs deep pockets to afford Diane’s hidden pockets, so I did a search for a few inexpensive options that are equally chic:
Left to Right: Single Dress ‘Francesca’ Dress, $137, www.nordstrom.com; Orion Optic Print Dress, $132.30, www.asos.com; Harkham Looking Glass Dress, $141, www.revolveclothing.com.
That’s does it! There will be more next week….
Off to enjoy my birthday weekend! Hope you enjoy yours as well…

Fashion, News, and What Nots

*What do you think of these?
…they’re Balenciaga’s feted ‘Masai’ inspired earthgrippers, and if you read any fashion magazine, you can’t help but be assaulted by their presence. Interesting, but is this fashion better left….
…on the runway?
*If you’re not out celebrating my birthday tomorrow, check out Seasoned to Perfection’s Trunk Sale…

Click to enlarge
…tell ’em I sent ya!

15 thoughts on “Mail Bombs!”

  1. Many Birthday Blessings to you Claire, have a Wonderful Weekend!

    Vanessa, love your boots girl!

  2. For the hidden pocket dresses try Express, they have some really cute ones! Happy Birthday!


  3. Happy Birthday Claire!

    This is my first post ever, so I just wanted to say that I’m a faithful Fashion Bomb reader and I love your site!!!

    The Balenciaga boots made me want to post my opinion: STRICTLY RUNWAY!!!!

    Also, Maggy London makes great hidden pocket dresses! I’ve found a few at Macy’s and at Dillard’s.

    Have a Great weekend!!

  4. Happy Bday Claire!
    First time posting, and i’m a faithful reader everyday. Even turned some friends on to ya!

    I like those Balenciaga boots, they are a bit extreme for the street, but that’s what they said about those “leggo” type shoes seen on Beyonce! I’d probably still rock ’em.

  5. Happy Birthday Claire!!
    your doing a great job of posting all that is hot or not in fashion.

    I do like these boots. You have to have a certain kinda style to carry them off though.

    Being from Oakland, CA Iv’e seen some knockoffs simular from the swapmeat worn by sistas looking a little call girlish.
    Stay Great!!

  6. Happy Birthday Claire!!!

    I *heart* those boots…i was even contemplating buying them! I live in NYC, work in fashion and it would be the norm for us here…i would have to save up for my taxi rides though…you can only do so much with these damn sidewalks…my louboutins were dramatique this morning!

  7. Happy Birthday Claire. I love your blog. Thank you for the link to that DVF dress. I have been lusting after it for a while now, but could not justify spending over $400 on a dress, but with the sale price, it is so mine. I can’t wait till I get it.

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