Happy Thursday!
So I was doing my typical web browsing and happened upon a very cool site called Jibri Online


It specializes in high fashion chic for women sizes 14-24…
…and has vintage inspired as well as contemporary dresses, slacks, and shirts in bright, bold colors and unexpected cuts.
Of course I had to get in touch with the designer, Atlanta native Jasmine Elder, to get the scoop on these hot plus sized duds.
About herself, Jasmine says ” I‘m just a girl who loves all things glamorous. Glamour is incredible because it comes in such a wide array of themes. Power Glamour can say Grace Jones or Joan Crawford. Feminine Glamour can say Holly Golightly or Betty Boop. Sexy Glamour can say Betty Page or Barbie.
She continues, “Jibri is a mish mash of witty, eclectic, unique, timeless pieces that a woman just loves to wear. Plus sized women shop for “work clothes” or “special occasion clothes” or “accessories”, but a line that always has something that’s just fun—something that can be integrated into the wardrobe for no particular reason-something that helps create the glamour needed to create the dream–That’s Jibri.”
The garments range in price from $120 for slacks or jeans to $375 for outerwear.

Jasmine is working on getting her products distributed nationally. For now, you can just visit www.jibrionline.com, and any piece can be customized in your size and shipped out to you.
Sure Torrid.com, MonifC, and Kiyonna are great, but it’s nice to start seeing a diversity of garments for voluptuous vixens with style.

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*Cassie hit up DJ Clue’s Birthday Bash last night…
…I’m kinda feeling her leather dominatrix swagger topped off with Louboutins.

14 thoughts on “Cool Online Find: Jibri”

  1. I’m sorry, but some of these pieces should not be worn by plus-sized women. Spandex is out of the question. For the most part though her pieces are chic and appropriate.

  2. I must agree. I’m all for big girl empowerment, but bright blue spandex pants is just inappropriate for MOST women. Let’s keep it real.
    But i am feeling a lot of the dresses, and the jacket in the last picture is kinda hot.

  3. I have to disagree with the last 2 comments. Jibr brings high fashion to plus-size design. The designs are intelligent and has pieces that a plus-size woman can use to define her personal style.
    For the record, the pants in the picture are not bright blue, they are black and they are not pandex, they are clearly stretch satin. A real fashionista would know that.

  4. I’m with cinnamon and mon petit oiseau–the most appropriate thing to wear is confidence! All I saw was gorgeousness (and yes, I checked the whole site).

  5. Dang I didn’t even know that satin could stretch… Hmm… Well, no need to get hostile.

  6. In response to the ladies who were upset about the spandex. I was actually the model in the green spandex. Here’s some inside info for u guys….At the photoshoot I was presented w/ green spandex tights and I was absolutley mortified…I asked Jasmine, “what about me says green spandex.” LOL…I was salty that I had to wear them, but when I saw the pictures and the heard positive feedback I was happy that I was the model wearing them. More than attracting attention (b/c a plus size woman in spandex definitley will attract anyone’s attention)I think Jibri tries to get you think outside the box. She tries to get you to get you out of those boring black pants that you wear every other day and into something that actually expresses your individuality. Being honest…I have actually incorporated leggings into my wardrobe, but in a way that fits my more conservative style. I feel like the brand gets my wheels turning on what I decorate my body with. And wearing confidence is an absolute accessory when wearing anything, if you look and feel good about what you are wearing then that image will be projected and vice versa

  7. lol ladies. im not sure if the both of u are plus or not BUT the line is from 14-24. 80% of your sistas are full figured and or curvey. why the hostility to someone that is clearly breaking the barrier and status quo?

    but the comment about the BLUE Tuxedo pants says it all about the poster…CLEARLY. lol

    BUT good job im glad to see a women of color doing her thing.

  8. What some fail to realize is that most of these shots are created for fashion/editorial purposes. If you have the ability to create your own look then you can use the pieces to create something more suiteable for you. I think the pieces are really nice and I cant wait for the oppurtunity to sell them on my site.

    AKA Zakiya

  9. Sorry guys Cassie was the best looking one of today’s post.
    BIG IS NEVER SEXY. It’s unhealthy, disgusting , unattracive and (whether or not u believe it) SOCIALLY UNACCEPTABLE…not to mention an all out eye sore…
    Sorry plus-size is 12-16 beyond ur in FAT*SS territory…it aint pretty.
    SMH (shaking my head)

  10. I luuuurve the bubble skirt on the model, but yeah, some of those are not flattering. I’m not plus sized but I’m a true believer in Spanx as some fabrics are just not forgiving at all and if you choose to wear said fabrics, you need to ensure that it looks good, not lumpy.

    As for the Spandex, it should be banned. It’s out of control and does not look good on anyone. Unless you’re working out or it’s 1% of the make up of your jeans, just say no.

  11. WOW @ SBB. It’s a shame that you actually think like that. There are a lot of Plus Size women, and men that look better then “skinny” ones. I seen plenty of Skinny Eye sores in my day, and sure that I will see many more.

  12. Its unfortunate that SBB feels that way…negativity is an ugly trait that has obviously gotten the best of you! There are actually several plus size women that are in better shape than so called “skinny bitches,” so before you generalize half of the population, you must get your facts together. You actually disgust me with your close mind and judgemental attitude.

    Of course there are certain pieces that flatter different body types, but the designer picked the best models to express her concept. The models looked fabulous and Jasmine Elder’s collections are simply innovative!

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