Amidst the hustle of the ongoing Champions League, it is not surprising at all that people have been eyeing everything happening in the football world. 

One thing that has strung out amidst the rest is José Mourinho’s comment about Tottenham being on the top of the range at the Premier League, proving more local pride is currently at stake in the upcoming derby that is set to happen on Sunday.

With more than a quarter of the football season over, Spur has managed to keep Liverpool ahead of the game with over 10 campaigns completed already. The quick spot is then followed up by Arsenal, who are eight points behind at the moment and currently sat at the 14th position. The latter has struggled quite a bit when it comes to maintaining consistent performance under MikelAerta.

José Mourinho further disclosed and acknowledged the fact that Tottenham being in the lead is further going to help the team in the bigger picture. Seems like the team is all set to steal the thunder like the best online vape shop around.

In a statement released, Mourinho said that their main focus right now is not to just beat Arsenal because that’s what their fans want or that is what seems logical. They are currently in a better position because they want good points for the team to lead the team in the right direction.

Mourinho further said that they do consider the fact that several past historic rivalries are involved in this. They understand how much the lead and the possible win mean to the fans. He suggests that the same stands true for all the fans, even if they aren’t born in Tottenham specifically. He said that when the team arrives at the club, their main and only aim is to focus on the game and the culture that surrounds them.

Additionally, Tottenham’s manager who declared that the team failed to pay the desired salary to Willian as he received in Arsenal further expressed their dissatisfaction with the fixture involved in the Premier League matches.

It is likely that the delay in Manchester United and Manchester City’s involvement in the European competition, there has been a delayed start to the season. This has affected the number of matches that Tottenham, Aston Villa, and Burnley have played in the season. The number of delayed matches for Aston Villa is soon going to become two because their match with Newcastle was postponed yet again.

Mourinho further emphasised saying that he is hopeful that the matches will likely happen halfway through the season because, at this point, that is what seems like the fairest and logical option.

Frustrated with the situation, Mourinho said that accepting a lack of matches is extremely tough because that will inadvertently affect the competition. He further said that he has been asking around questions concerning the situation but no one seemed to have any answers to the queries.