The Knowles sisters recently hit up the MTV Europe Music Awards in Liverpool, continuing their world promotional tour, and providing endless fodder for the Fashion Bomb’s Hot or Hmm series


…I must say, though this outfit is a bit tame for Solange, I love the black sequins, stripes and the pop of her yellow bracelet. And Beyonce’s one handed glove is definitely hot!
Sasha took to the stage to perform “If I Were a Boy“…
Hmmm…but maybe it’s hot that homegirl is stepping out the box?
What do you think?
Check out Beyonce’s performance:


8 thoughts on “Hot! Or Hmm..:Knowles Sisters at the MTV Europe Music Awards”

  1. I love her red carpet little black dress but her performance outfit definitely raises the “wtf?” flag. I understand that she wants to be iconic and all (her words, not mine)and she’s on this split personality kick but must ‘Sasha’ be so utterly ridiculous? lol Fashion-wise, particularly. She can be wild and wear nice, sensible clothing simultaneously, no?

    As a sidenote, I’m not sure why she felt the robotic glove should be Sasha’s signature….

  2. i actually luv both of their outfits on the red carpet, i think each ‘fit says something totally different about each woman…..i luv Bey, but Sasha Fierce isnt doin’ it for me, shes tryin’ 2 hard….

    got an itch for sum vintage crack/weed… check out… …….the fashions will get u high!!!

  3. I thnk Beyonce is taking fashion advice from Solange. She is the more “Daring” one. Solange looks beautiful!

  4. i’m always a fan of solange. she has a nice style.

    b’s black dress is hot but she is trying way too hard. i think she’s taking style tips from solange and rihanna but it works for them and doesn’t quite work for b.

    i think b needs to step away from the limelight and find herself. there’s something so empty about her.

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