Hey, guys–Adriana here with another report from the New York fashion scene. Y’all know I’m a freestyle fanatic, so I was hyped to check out Reebok’s Spring ’09 collection preview last week. Look what they did just for me!


OK, mayyybe not. But a girl can wish…Here are some of the highlights from the line!The top two Freestyles are called “Fashionista” and “Punk” (I kept envisioning Rihanna in the Punks). My faves are the pop art-like gray ones and those burgundy satin ballet flats, which look even more adorable in person. Thoughts?
P.S. For all of us Reebok Basquiat edition fans, I got the scoop that there are definitely some more styles in the pipeline–stay tuned!
Look for the Reebok Spring ’09 collection in stores early next year!
Special thanks to Carmen and Olivia. :-)