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You know how August is: everyone disappears for late summer vacations and to gear up for the upcoming blitz that September always brings, especially this year with Fashion Week and the MTV Video Music Awards happening during the same week in New York City. I hope this means the fashionable are preparing to bring it in a few weeks’ time. Meanwhile…

Beyonce New York Chanel Polka Dot

The fabulous La Knowles was spotted strolling the streets of downtown NYC rockin’ what appears to be this Forever 21 polka dot romper (thanks, YBF commenter LoveleeMia) with a sweetheart neckline, gorgeous Chanel accessories, and a bad little fuchsia bag. I like the outfit (especially the shoes) but not too sure about the wet curly ‘do she’s got goin’ on here, hmmm…


Actress LisaRaye put in an appearance at the Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant wearing her signature color, white, in the form of this demure little A-line shirtwaist dress. A sash, strappy sandals, and minaudière clutch, all in gold, completed the look, as did her simple, pretty makeup and subtle gold accessories. I’m not normally a fan of Lisa’s style but this is quite a cute look for Lady Diamond–hot.


Mogul Kimora Lee was on mommy duty this weekend as she, her girls, and partner Djimon Hounsou took in a showing of Shrek: The Musical in NYC. Decked out in one of my favorite summer staples, wide-legged white jeans, the Fabulosity guru tops them off with a silk caftan top trimmed in beads and high-heeled thong sandals. The tan Birkin ain’t hurtin’ things, either. Very casual-cute hot for the new mom of three…


India Arie and Rocsi served up some sass at a taping of 106 & Park last week, India in a purple tank dress and Rocsi in a high-waisted skirt and top combo. Love Rocsi’s kisses tee as well as India’s sexy sandals (and she added a cute touch with the doorknockers). And I see Rocsi’s got on black patent YSL Tribute pumps, which have now replaced the YSL Tribute sandal as the “it” shoe of the moment. Hmm. How long until we start hearing fashion backlash against these, or are they immune?


We first highlighted The Noisettes’ frontwoman, Shinga Shoniwa, a few weeks ago and homegirl popped up on the scene again this weekend, this time at the Amstel Light Amsterdam Live Event in Atlanta. Love *love* her sequined, bold shoulder, yellow sheath and turquoise earrings. The neon pink nails add dimension to her color selection and, once again, her makeup is flawless. Hawte!

What say you all?


14 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm: Beyonce, LisaRaye, Kimora Lee, Rocsi, and more!”

  1. Definitely different looks for India Aire and Lisa Raye. It’s good to see Lisa in something age appropriate, she looks very classy. I really like India’s shoes, however, not feeling the dress. The length is great on for her but overall it looks kind of cheap.

  2. its good to see Ms. Arie, but I actually do not care for the sandals nor the dress. Neither really had much flare. I think the dress would have been nicer minus the flower thingy’s and just simple accessories (i.e. waist belt, statement necklace and maybe even a pair of flat gladiators)

  3. oh, and Bey’s hair is a no, Lisa looks great and Kimora looked very nice in her casual day look

  4. Bey is TOO damn rich to be lookin like a shermhead. Imma need her to get that lacefront in check A-S-A-P!

    All the other ladies look decent, but nothing really to yell about.

  5. Ok, Bey, I luv u. But, no…your hair is this pic gets a serious side eye from me. The outfit is bangin’ tho. However, when I saw that this pic was taken in NYC and Bey just had pics of a romantic night out with Jay…I’m thinking that the romantic night turned into a romantic morning. Either way she gets a veto. You can’t be on point all the time even if you are Beyonce.

  6. Everyone looks nice, but

    Lisa Raye…it’s okay to wear color…really.

    Bey…I heart you..please look in the mirror and comb your hair be fore you walk out the door…I mean really, this is not Diva behavior.

  7. I love Bey’s outfit from the neck down. That weave is not at all proper. Reminds me of a wet dog…

    LisaRaye looks very nice but for the life of me I’d like to see her in color just once.

    Kimora looks fabulous for just having a baby.

    India Arie’s shoes are the business and I love Rocsi’s entire outfit. Terrence should get a shout out for wearing the retro Air Jordan 7s from the somewhat newly released AJ package.

    Shinga Shoniwa is always on point.

  8. Kimora looks great after the baby. Any new mommy baby fat (not that there is a whole lot there) she knows how to keep well hidden while still looking stylish. Go Kimora!

    Bey: Why that hair?..ugh! Ruining the cute jumper.

    Lisaraye: A little color never hurt anyone. I know you like to be known for wearign white, but is it just me or is it getting old?

    Shinga Shoniwa: I love the individual style she has. She looks great..from head on down.

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