Hey Bombshells,

So I usually stay out of the ‘comment’ fray. I treat the site kind of like an invisible puppet master–I post articles and pictures I think you’ll like and let you take the discussion wherever you please.

Everything seemed grand until we started featuring Fashion Bombshells of the Day.

Mean Comments

A feature we created to celebrate the style of Fashion Bombshells and nurture community became a forum where readers tore each other down and critiqued a person courageous enough to showcase their personal definition of chic.

Fashion Bombshell of the Week

Wherever we’re from and whatever we choose to wear, we’re all human beings who have their own unique takes on things. At the Fashion Bomb, whether we’re talking about Beyonce, Naomi, or Angela from Virginia, we try to distinguish ourselves from other blogs by attempting to underline the positive.

We can only hope you do the same.


To take away the competitive nature of the Bombshell feature, we’ll stop voting on Bombshells of the week and just celebrate a new member everyday. I hope past comments will not deter anyone from submitting their pictures– we can’t tell you enough how much we cherish everyone who reads, visits us daily, and submits pictures.

Fashion Bombshell of the week

We’ll also be turning off comments for our Bombshells of the Day.

Fashion Bombshell of the Week

Let’s keep our Fashion Bomb community strong–and save all the foolywang for somewhere else.

~Thanks DJ Subs!

34 thoughts on “Real Talk : A Note About Comments”

  1. Good to see your making that change…i noticed a lot of people hating and its like c’mon people dont you remember the famous saying “if you have nothing nice to say dont say issshhh” Thank you!!! and i love your site as well as the new additions to the website. I have been coming here since ’06 so i love what you have done with everything–very POSITIVE and CLASSY.

  2. And what is even more crazy is Fashion Bombshell is the only thing most comment on. Its so sad Black American’s love to bring other Black American’s down. We are collectively the only race that does that. *smh*

  3. Its really sad when we can’t engage in friendly competition amongst ourselves! Its also really said when Claire has to step in and address comments. I was well aware when submitting a photo that not everyone would like it… and I was okay with that. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and has the right to express it. But there is a huge difference between expressing your opinion and being hateful. I’m sad to see changes are being made to Fashion Bomb of the Day because we as readers couldn’t be tactful in critiques and embrace everyone’s unique sense of style.

    -Angela from VA

  4. I like the change. I can’t believe how mean people were being about Rion! I actually liked her style and was going to comment on it saying so but it looks like the comment feature was removed. My mother always used to say that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. I’m a regular reader of the site, and that’s why when I liked the style, I said so, if not I didn’t comment.

  5. Negativity is why I stopped reading sites like bossip. share the love, keep the hate

  6. That is sad…especially because I like commenting and giving people their props..( because its rare to have people tell you when you look nice besides your friends)..
    And Rion I am from DYT and recently moved to california to pursue a career in fashion merchandising.. and knowing how dayton is … you have style!!….and your pretty but the last pic ur hair was in the way of your face.
    This is why I love Claire and the website.. fashionable and positive…just like me!!
    Stay Positive everyone and be happy with yourself and don’t worry about what other people have on( unless you want to know where they got it)

  7. I’m sad that the comments are being removed. I understand that some people where being too mean. I don’t consider it ‘hating’, like Ange said, when you submit, you open yourself up to that criticism. I understand that we wouldn’t want feeling to get hurt, but there is negativity in mostly all posts. I guess it’s different when its celebs, it’s ok for us to ‘hate’ on them.

    I enjoy hearing different opinions. Either I still love the site, and will continue reading it!

  8. Hi Claire-

    I am soooo glad and proud of you for this post!!!

    On my blog ppl ask me all the time, “when are you going to start “ripping” ppl’s style”? And I give them a blank stare.
    Personal style comes from within, it reflects who the person is, how they see themselves and the world. How they can match up two totally different colors and pair it with accessories… now that is style! people have to understand you don’t have to like someone’s style, but who are you to rip it!!!???? (like My mama taught me, if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say it at all)

    I am going to link you today because my readers need to hear your message as well. http://www.searchstylesnap.blogspot.com

    And shout outs to everyone who submitted their photo, all you chicks are DOPE! trust me, it’s not easy, I (Chiriga) searched thru ALL my photos to make sure I chose the best one, but it takes courage and alot of balls to submit your pic for thousands to see (because fashionbomb reader list is long… lol)

    Thanks Claire for the message, its a shame you have to remove the comment section, alot of readers gave great feedback… SMH

  9. I am so glad you address this. I actually planned on sending you an email about all the negativity that has come from the “fashion bomb of the day.” True, no one looked like Beyonce but I felt like readers were digging for nasty things like you post the pics for people to make fun of them. I am the biggest promoter for freedom of speech but the reason I love this blog is because you try to uplift and show black women in a positive light. I hope we can keep it that way.

  10. thank you claire. i adore your site for the love you give and “community” like nature you have going on over here. i noticed when this started the same and i only hope as sisters and girlfriends alike we can continue letting the positive light shine. and my 2 cents. black girls, girls when we see another bg out. smile!

  11. that was a great executive decision claire! some people were getting a little ridiculous.

  12. For goodness sakes – this is fashion not rocket science.

    The bottom line is that some “fashionistas” need more help than others. If a particular outfit looks cheap, ill-fitting, or tacky then by all means – please accept the constructive criticism (and I mean constructive – being evil gives you wrinkles) that comes your way. Comparing some of the comments that were posted here to the non-nonsensical racist rants of Bossip is a huge exaggeration. In the world of fashion you have the good, the bad, and the downright tacky. Take it or leave it but policing the boards is unnecessary. Better you hear from a fellow sister in fashion that your outfit needs some tweaking than to end up on pages of Glamour as a “don’t” or receive wayward glances from strangers.

    If you really want our opinion and YOU CHOOSE to submit a photo than you are seeking an opinion (however useless it may be).

  13. I agree with Glorious & Gorgeous. No I don’t think people need to be nasty & down right mean with their comments, but as g&g put it to give “constructive criticism” can be helpful to a fellow fashion lover. Making the choice to submit a pic to a blog leaves you open to comments, but on the same token some are not too familiar with what “constructive criticism” is & since some people are more mean than others all comments had to be done away with. It is unfortunate though b/c I do like to give people their due compliments when they are looking fly & if the look is not working then I would like to comment on that also in a tasteful way. I mean fashion is subjective & people are entitled to give an opinion, without it having to be rude (but offense will always be taken if it is not a complimentary comment). Too bad it had to come to this.

  14. Oh pls…none of the comments were constructive in the least. They were downright hateful. So yeah..blocking comments is a little bit extreme but its the only option if some women cant help but be bitchy to one another. Its only fashion after all!

  15. I was thinking the same thing when I browsed over some of the comments yesterday! I was like DANG some of ya’ll were going HARD on these ladies,geesh! The comments were definately foolywang indeed.

  16. Don’t say that none were constructive b/c that is untrue. Many were downright nasty though. I was making the point that comments are good if they can be constructive, not that the comments being posted yesterday were all constructive. Anyone reading the comments could clearly see that many were inappropriate with the type of things they said. I just wish that people knew the difference b/w constructive & mean & then it would not have had to come to this. Maybe what Claire did will teach people to be nicer when providing critiques in the future.

  17. Wow. This is really disappointing, but it’s entirely understandable. Some of the comments were just plain ol’ nasty, but there were others that were truly constructive criticism. I usually only commented on the Bombshells whose style I liked. If I didn’t like it, I didn’t say anything. I really enjoyed reading the positive, glowing comments from the readers as well. It was nice to go to the FB post and see other Black women giving props to another Black woman, because sad to say, it’s rare. And we can’t even have that anymore. SMH

  18. I agree with what G&G said but I can see why Claire did this. While not all the comments were mean, most were downright nasty and rude. It is ok to say you don’t like something (you know.. give it a “hmmmmm”) but some comments were labeling people as ugly and saying they didn’t know what they were doing. This was wrong. But it is typical conduct and to be expected from women. We are our biggest critics and whenever there is a chance for someone to needlessly attack someone from the safety of their keyboard, people are quick to do it. Let us be better.

  19. I knew it would come to this, totally understandable. Yesterday’s comments were really nasty, but like another reader, I only commented when I like the bombshell’s style…everyone hasn’t learned when to speak up and when to be quiet.

  20. I completely understand why Claire has done this and I don’t think it was out of place to say that the comments weren’t constructive.

    The women who posted pictures weren’t asking for style assessments or compliments they just felt comfortable and confident enough to post pictures showing their style which should be celebrated.

    Plus it takes too much effort to be plain rude and negative and then comment.

  21. Truth of the matter is that this issue says A LOT about the nature of certain black women. I go on other websites like fabsugar and they have a similar feature and there is nothing but praise and kudos in the comment area.
    And over here, it’s quite the contrary. I don’t know why ppl are so self conscious that they can’t give props when it’s due, or just keep it moving if it isn’t. If you’re going to criticize, do so constructively not as if you are perfect yourself.
    It’s a shame measures like this have to be taken to ensure that the people participating in this feature aren’t made to feel less than human.
    I applaud this move, and I hope anyone who has ever cut down another on this site feels ashamed of themselves. Shame on you that you have to be babied in such a manner to prevent future occurrences of this. smh.

  22. This is a great post.I am an African Blogger from Tanzania and have been experiencing the same problem in my community. I have received nasty, hateful comments on my blog (fashionjunkii) numerous times but choose to ignore them. I think its great idea your turning off the comments. Its a shame but needed to be done this way!

  23. Wow. I was reading some BOTD comments the other day and thinking to myself I would never submit my picture. A Belle in Brooklyn just blogged about this foolishness yesterday http://www.abelleinbrooklyn.com/home/2009/8/17/am-i-my-sisters-keeper.html. Please check it out. And to cosign Chidi, I read other blogs like Karlas Closet and Sea of Shoes, where one blogger is caucasian and one mexican, and 98% of comments show them love, even when the look is a pure mess. What’s up with \us\?

  24. @She’s Gotta Have It

    Thanks for the link. Claire is a dear friend in the “real world”!

    Sorry it had to come to this over here. I hate to see the point I was making it that post proven true. Somethings I’d actually like to be wrong about.

  25. I too think its sad it had to come to this. I do think certain females were being mean but as far as hating; not so much. Everyone that has submitted pictures comes from all different walks of life. Rion for example lives in Ohio, like she said most people dress in babyphat and other labels when she prefers to dress not the norm for HER surroundings. There was a young lady who came from NY who dresses as a fashionista from NY that a person from Cali might think is dreadful. It might not be high fashion to your personal opinion but to someone else it might be. You have to think outside the box when looking at other people. What you might dislike someone else might love and add a twist to it. Being mean was super uncalled for but I commend those women who have sent there pictures in…Kudos to you.

  26. Regarding what you wrote, Claire on today’s bombshell post: maybe it would be best if comments for Bombshell of the Day were only made visible after the blog owner’s approval.. That way people could still comment but there would be some censoring to an extent.

    Jay looks great by the way love her attention to detail and her tribute to the 80’s through dressing (sequins, pops of color, simplicity in her LBD with accents and her “power-dressing” outfit in the third photo)


  27. Do what you’ve got to do. I have a similar feature and I know what you’re talking about when someone made a comment that our pick wasn’t fashionable. People who live cookie cutter lives are very judgmental. They need to learn to embrace differences. Love your site!

  28. i personally love the comments, although i didn’t get a chance to read the latest posts. yes they can be mean, but some people are really on point.

    with that being said, why not just hire a volunteer to monitor the comments section? they would only need limited access to your admin section and can either approve before posting, or delete comments if they are just hateful.

    i would prefer this method. i enjoy the variety of comments posted.

  29. I think that everything published was actually very logical.
    But, what about this? suppose you typed a catchier title?
    I ain’t saying your content isn’t solid, but what if you added a headline that makes people desire more?
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