Hey Bombshells,

So I usually stay out of the ‘comment’ fray. I treat the site kind of like an invisible puppet master–I post articles and pictures I think you’ll like and let you take the discussion wherever you please.

Everything seemed grand until we started featuring Fashion Bombshells of the Day.

Mean Comments

A feature we created to celebrate the style of Fashion Bombshells and nurture community became a forum where readers tore each other down and critiqued a person courageous enough to showcase their personal definition of chic.

Fashion Bombshell of the Week

Wherever we’re from and whatever we choose to wear, we’re all human beings who have their own unique takes on things. At the Fashion Bomb, whether we’re talking about Beyonce, Naomi, or Angela from Virginia, we try to distinguish ourselves from other blogs by attempting to underline the positive.

We can only hope you do the same.


To take away the competitive nature of the Bombshell feature, we’ll stop voting on Bombshells of the week and just celebrate a new member everyday. I hope past comments will not deter anyone from submitting their pictures– we can’t tell you enough how much we cherish everyone who reads, visits us daily, and submits pictures.

Fashion Bombshell of the week

We’ll also be turning off comments for our Bombshells of the Day.

Fashion Bombshell of the Week

Let’s keep our Fashion Bomb community strong–and save all the foolywang for somewhere else.

~Thanks DJ Subs!