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So since I’ve been back in the States, I’ve been able to bone up on some of my favorite reality TV shows. One of my guiltiest indulgences is the Real Housewives of Atlanta, which follows the hijinks and drama of Sheree, Nene, Kim, Lisa, Kandi, and sometimes Dwight:

Real Housewives of Atlanta Bravo TV

With their disposable income and leisurely lifestyle, of course these ladies have time to dress themselves in their own distinct ways! Let’s take a look:

Nene Leakes Real Housewives of Atlanta Bravo

Nene, the “tell it like it is” ATL honey, loves to wear cute tops with frills, stones, and embellishments transitioning into floor grazing maxi dresses for daytime engagements.

Nene Leakes Real Housewives of Atlanta Bravo

For a night on the town, you’ll find her in anything from blazers and jeans with cascading necklaces to plum colored frocks in A or straight lines:

Sheree Whitfield Real Housewives of Atlanta

The fashionista of the group Sheree makes her mark in bright colors, rocking stone-encrusted halter tops, draped cocktails over tights, and off the shoulder blouses with jeans.

Sheree Whitfield Real Housewives of Atlanta

The certified diva never leaves home without a large pair of shades, statement bag, and a swagger that says, “Who gone check me boo?”:

Lisa Wu Real Housewives of Atlanta Bravo

Laid back Lisa has certainly stepped her style game up this season, going for bold in large ruffled tops, mustard capes, and figure flattering dresses.

Lisa Wu Real Housewives of Atlanta Bravo

While she can rock a mean pair of pumps, she certainly cherishes her down time, wearing patterned hoodies or t-shirts with simple jeans and sneaks for kick back days:

Kim Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kim, the Big Poppa lovin’ blonde, keeps it saucy in skin tight ‘fits with blingin’ diamonds and gold hoops.

Kim Real Housewives of Atlanta

The buxom Southern Peach typically flaunts her bust in low cut or strapless frocks that showcase her girls, or top and bottom combos that highlight her hour glass frame:

Kandi Burress Real Housewives of Atlanta Bravo

The newest member of the cast Kandi goes for splashy with a crimped and curled up do that complements her layered necklaces and accessories.

Kandi Burress Real Housewivs of Atlanta Bravo

She generally sticks to black and white, and accentuates her small waist with belts, tailored vests, and blazers.

What do you think of RHOA style?

Real Housewives of Atlanta

PS Just for fun, this clip never gets old:

Images courtesy of Bravo TV

7 thoughts on “Style File: The Real Housewives of Atlanta”

  1. Love it. I’m amazed that these girls are able to look so (sort of) fashionable while their men are leaving them and their homes are being repossed. Ghetto fab at it’s best.

    I love, love, LOVE RHOA.

    “Who gone check me boo?!”

  2. Can someone please tell me where I can get the necklace NeNe is wearing. I’ve been wanting it ever since I saw pics from Neicy’s party.

  3. I need to find the top nene was wearing when she went and saw the psychic. It is the blue with ruffles going all the down top. I would also love to know about the light purple dress with a deep V-neck and a yellow bow under neath the bust from the same episode. If anyone has any idea please let me know asap. Thanks.

  4. Can someone tell me what make and model sunglasses Kandi Burrus was wearing on top of the roof of Capitol Records during her meeting with record executive Leonard Brooks. They Look like Tom Fords but I am not sure.


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