Atlanta’s finest came out last night for Ciara’s album release party, offering fodder for a quick morning Hot or Hmm:


The lady of the moment stunted with best buddy Monica looking edgy in a pompadour hairstyle and leather vest. Monica also kept it super cute in a sheer white tank, cascading pearls, and sunglasses. Her footwear didn’t hurt either:


Those lace up Chanel shoes are Hot!

My favorite housewife Nene also made an appearnce in a green tube dress and leggings:


I loves me some Nene, so will give her snaps for a cute outfit and hot hairstyle.

What do you think?

10 thoughts on “Hot! Or Hmm…: Ciara’s Album Release Party”


  2. Ciara and Monica look Darling to me… Yeay!! Can’t wait to cop the album!! Happy Friday!!

  3. I do not like Ciara’s look from her hair to her footwear. Not stylish in my opinion. I truly dislike that hairstyle she seems to like so much. She could have looked nicer for her own album release.

  4. I don’t know why Ciara won’t hire a stylist (or a better one if she has one) she continues to look country, at parties, red carpets, or just in candid pics. I think she could be so much more, because she really is a pretty girl, but she just can’t hit the next level of her career with her fashion game where it is. She will remain an ATLien, and if that’s all she wants then fine. But I remember her talking about how she wanted the opportunity to model, act… etc. Not going to happen looking like this. And at your own party, this ia all you could come up with? That hair, that vest, those boots?????? Monica is effortlessly showing her up, her outfit is simple but those Chanel booties are to die for! Monica is another ATLien, but it works for her….(most of the time, lol)
    Sorry that was so long!

  5. Hmms all around. Ciara is definitely off, she looks good but certainly not professionally good. She looks cute for a night out but not host of an event.

    Nene’s hair is cute, I’ll give her props for that. But her outfit is so full and casual. Tights and a tube top? There’s nothing creative in that.

    The Chanel shoes are hideous and wouldn’t cell if they were made by anyone else.

  6. i love me some Ciara, but the past few weeks, her hair has been looking suspect…..very suspect…..i was really feeling her hair during the black, sleek, \Promise\ phase….what happened?

    I’m also shocked that she looked so plain jane when she is normally very stunning….

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