It’s Friday and I’m up way too early for my liking! All the better…that means more Mail Bombs for you!


Let’s get it crackin!

First Meeka says, “Is it possible to tell me the designer of these shoes Alicia Keys has on… they’re HOT!!!!


“I must add them to my shoe game!
Adriana says, “Alicia’s distinctive, goddess-heeled sandals are from Christian Dior’s Spring/Summer 2009 Collection, which we reported about in our seasonal Paris shoe roundup:


“…Exact pricing was unavailable on Dior’s site but Web rumor has it they go for upwards of $1,500. Contact the label directly for further details.
Next, Talia says, “I saw this picture of Leona Lewis in the airport and fell in love with her bag!”


“…I need it! Where can I get it??”

According to our friends at Red Carpet Fashion Awards, Leona is wearing this $68 Deux Lux Ruffle Bag:


…get yours at
Tyi asks, “I was wondering if there’s an alternative to the Louis Vuitton Spicy sandal that’s rocking the fashion world?


“…I know you guys mentioned the Bebe Katrin sandal, but that shoe has since sold out! Do you know of any good alternatives? I MUST have them for my Vegas trip!!!!!
Tyi, the Spicy Sandal is a one-of-a-kind expensive shoe, and unfortunately Bebe is the only brand that has come close to offering a look alike. We found you some funky sandals that’ll set your outfit apart from the rest. Not quite the Spicy, but still hot:

Now for some wardrobe queries!

Corinne says, “I’m interested in wearing a tubed romper/jumper for my birthday party, but I can’t seem to find one. Do you have any suggestions?”

Adriana says, “Happy birthday, Corinne! Here are a few sleeveless jumpsuit options at various price points:”

Lastly Nikhol writes, “Hey Guys, I’m going on vacation in August and traveling to Europe for 13 days. I was hoping you could provide me with some comfortable yet stylish ideas of what to wear while sight seeing, etc in the heat. Also, I’m a thick girl so short shorts are a no-no. lol. Thanks a bunch!”
Vuitton says, “Here are some perfect pieces for that European heat:
“Dresses in prints and sunny colors coincide with the atmosphere perfectly:”

“…Keep it flirty in cute skirts. If you make your way through Italy, pencil skirts are great as they’re classy and give off a vamp edge:

“Choose a few flattering tops”

“…Wide-leg trousers are perfect for the weather and can easily be worn with heels or flats:”

“Saunter around town in flats or wedges, and pull out a pair of sexy sandals for a night out:”

“…And hold all of your maps, itineraries, and that multi-lingual phrase dictionary in your large tote. Top everything off with a pair of oversized sunglasses:”

“Have fun on your vacay! “
And have great weekends!

3 thoughts on “Mail Bombs: Alicia Keys’ Christian Dior Sandals, Leona Lewis’ LAX Airport Handbag, and Over 30 Plus Size Travel Outfit Ideas!”

  1. Thank you Meeka for requesting to know more about Alicia Keys shoes!!! I saw these on another site and I thought the same thing…I have to know who these shoes are by! They are HOT!! Thank you Claire for the info!

  2. Thank you so much for all the travel ideas!
    I’ll also check out the post you did last year that has tons of great ideas also!!!

    Vuitton – Since you’re also in Toronto I may need to hire you to shop for me! J/K – well not really


  3. There is a topshop alternative to the spicy heels that i think is a little pricey but i think it comes pretty close! check it out:

    Primal Voodoo high heel:

    They are are a bit pricey at $250 but I think it has the same colors and tribal theme.
    Hope it helps! :-)

    PS I Love Fashion Bomb!

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