As the cannabis industry rapidly expands, more CBD and THC alternatives are becoming available. One of the newer cannabinoids on the market is HHC. You can obtain HHC gummies here, but let us explain some essentials about them first! 

What is HHC?

Adding hydrogen atoms to THC to stabilize it is known as hydrogenation, and the resulting substance is called tetrahydrocannabinol, or HHC. This process resembles another procedure people use to convert vegetable oil into margarine.

Hemp, like all other plants, contains tiny amounts of HHC naturally. As a result, in the presence of high pressure and a catalyst such as nickel or palladium, THC is saturated with hydrogen atoms using a complicated process.

Although the double bond in THC’s molecular structure is broken and replaced by hydrogen, this does not significantly alter the cannabinoid’s properties. Currently, at least ten recognized types of this hydrogenated form of THC exist.

The attraction THC has for the TRP pain receptors, CB1 and CB2 endocannabinoid receptors, and other ones are increased by this small change. Furthermore, because THC oxidizes and breaks down quickly in its original state, this modification to its molecular structure makes it much more stable.

The THC analogs (including HHC) in hemp have significantly reduced quantities of active cannabinoids. During oxidation, the THC loses hydrogen atoms, but two new double bonds are formed in their place. As a result, the final product — HHC treats — has a more moderate psychotropic potency than THC.

What Are The Ingredients In HHC Gummies?

HHC gummies are a tasty way to satisfy your sweet tooth without having all of the sugar. The gummy bears include natural and artificial tastes, colors, and sometimes preservatives. They’re also gluten-free and vegan. HHC gummies contain nine different chemicals in addition to DHA, which comes from fish oil. The flavor of HHC gummies is due to DHA. The latter is what gives HHC gummies their fishy aftertaste.

HHC gummies also contain gelatin, which helps the gummies hold shape and texture. Another ingredient in HHC gummy recipes is rice syrup, a sweetener that comes from rice plants’ starch and doesn’t contain any calories. The last two ingredients are carrageenan and calcium carbonate — both taken straight from nature!

Of course, the taste can be anything. There are many options, including:

  • Strawberry; 
  • Orange;
  • Lemon;
  • Lime;
  • Grapefruit;
  • Fruit punch;
  • Apples etc.

HHC Gummies Strengths 

Therapeutical benefits 

It gives all positive effects like: 

  • Relaxation; 
  • Anxiety mitigation; 
  • Stronger focus; 
  • Better auditory and visual perception; 
  • Painkilling; 
  • Other therapeutic positives. 

It is not as ‘Intense’ as THC

The potency of HHC may not be relatively as high as that of THC. Nevertheless, there is a claim that these cannabinoid HHC gummies get you high. That is because HHC engages with the same brain receptors as D8 and D9, so it has a similar structure. Additionally, it produces euphoria and auditory and visual perception alterations comparable to those produced by D9.

HHC gummies do not induce nearly as much anxiety and paranoia as D9, despite its strong potency. Many claim it does not give them the “munchies,” so you will be free of that. On the other hand, its soothing and sedative qualities make it more similar to D8.

It has a very long shelf life

These medicines are still delicate! Keep them out of the sunshine and heat to preserve and enhance their efficacy. Although no one knows how long this chemical will stay potent, we know it as a hydrolyzed THC form. Therefore, it may survive for years if kept appropriately.

HHC Gummies Weaknesses

Side effects in case of an overdose, of course 

While HHC gummies are safe for most people, it’s important to remember that a small number of consumers may experience an upset stomach after taking them. Some people report stomach upset and gas as unwanted side effects.

To avoid this, ensure you know the best times to take this supplement. If you feel depressed, anxious, or sick, it is advised that you do not take cannabis since it may intensify these emotions and feelings. The list below contains the most common cannabis side effects:

  • Anxiety;
  • Paranoia;
  • Dizziness;
  • Mouth feeling dry;
  • Red eyes;
  • A fast heartbeat;
  • Insomnia;
  • Appetite increase/decrease.

It WILL turn up on a drug screening

Check the amount of THC in any product you pick before buying. Many HHC goods include different cannabinoids that build up over time and cause a drug test to turn positive. It is rumored that using HHC gummies might result in you failing a drug test. Although there isn’t much evidence, some people believe that HHC converts to THC-COOH, the major metabolite detected by THC testing.

Final Words 

HHC can become a good supplement in your diet. Yet, never neglect its negatives. Even though an HHC gummy overdose is a rarity, no patient should even overuse it. Remember all the essential facts, keep your HHC gummies properly, and enjoy!