So last Friday’s Bombshell Kethia’s vintage style was such a hit with you guys that I decided to ask her to guest blog for us today!


The certified stylista and blogger took snaps of her friend, actress Kent King, and provided a few tips on how to find a wardrobe diamond in the rough at your local thrift shop! Read on and enjoy!
Hey fashionistas, it’s Kethia from TheFlauntFiles! As many of you may already know I adore vintage shopping and fashions, which is why I own a lot of it!


I appreciate those who have admired my style and want to know more on how to successfully buy vintage for their own closets!
So here are some basic tips on “How To Shop Vintage”!

Vintage Tip # 1
Make sure to have a good attitude, patience & enough time.

Vintage Store New York

Most people like the convenience of department stores or boutiques, where everything is organized and placed in specific areas. However, when it comes to vintage, there’s usually one of each item in the store so it appears to look cluttered and/or difficult to browse. Nevertheless, this is one of the perks of vintage shopping, so keep in mind that it may be overwhelming. It’s not that easy to score when finding that perfect piece, so it may take longer than you thought to get really great vintage. If you give yourself enough time to shop you’ll have a much better experience.

Vintage Tip # 2
Be completely open to EVERYTHING, or know specifically what you’re looking for.


When vintage shopping, I usually don’t have a specific item I’m searching for, I just GO FOR IT! Browse the entire store based on what you like, and continue from there. I typically start (in this order) with accessories, dresses, blazers, blouses, bottoms, and sometimes shoes depending on the store. If you’re looking for something specific, begin with that type of item and search for everything in that section and outside that section. When I say search everything, I mean EVERYTHING! You’ll be surprised where you end up finding the best vintage; it’s often in the most unexpected places.

Vintage Tip #3
Seek and try on The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly!

How to Shop Vintage Kethia Flaunt Files

Many of you fashionistas have a great fashion-eye and won’t necessarily try on certain pieces because you know what you like. However, I encourage even the most fashionable to try on their vintage finds and pick out items that look odd at first glance or pieces that are just plain “ugly”. The more you do this the more you will become aware of vintage cuts and sizes, as they vary from modern day clothing. You will also expose and open yourselves up to different vintage fashions. If you look beyond the piece and use your fashionable capabilities you can definitely wear an “ugly” item and make it look stunning!

Vintage Tip #4
The bigger the better!

How to Shop Vintage Kethia Flaunt Files

There are many cases where you’ll find that perfect vintage item but not in your size!!! So put it back right? Absolutely NOT, in fact jump for joy! The great thing about buying bigger garments is having the option to get them altered. You can have your vintage item taken in to fit you perfectly, or even customize the design. You’ll then have an outfit that’s even more one-of-a-kind which is why you’re shopping vintage in the first place!!!

Vintage Tip #5
If you love it, BUY IT. If you like it BUY IT. If you’re confused…BUY IT!

How to Shop Vintage Kethia Flaunt Files

Another perk about shopping vintage is that you can get a lot for a little. Most vintage is not super expensive which allows you to purchase many pieces. There may also come a time when you need to narrow down your purchases. You’ll have items you love, like or are contemplating. If you can actually afford the pieces and you don’t completely dislike them, I recommend getting them all. You might be unsure about the pieces but it’s probably something you’d regret not purchasing, TRUST ME!
Great job!
Do you have any more fun tips to add for shopping vintage?

*Be sure to check out Kethia’s blog, The Flaunt Files!

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  2. I love the tips…you cover things the average shopper forgets when shopping for that unique look. Congrats on the appearance…hope its not the last!

  3. I absolutely love the cream pencil highwaist skirt and boustier (sp?) combination in the second to last picture! That was a great find! (C:

  4. LOVE vintage & your tips are so on point. I bought this shirt I didn’t really think I liked, it’s now my fave shirt.

  5. On another blog they referred to vintage as timeless designer duds “that were not to be confused ith thift store finds” what do you guys think about their ideology?

  6. I like the tips but I still don’t think I’ll be going to the thrift store anytime soon. I don’t know of any cool vintage shops and the thrifts stores around my house usually don’t have anything worth getting. The only thing I ever find is Old Navy and Gap jeans, never anything unique and fun. Idk, I may go and take these tips into consideration.

  7. i buy a lot of vintage but it’s usually shoes and bags. this might get me into giving vintage clothes a chance. ;-)

  8. love the tips, your style and your attitude towards this article…i must say that you have a fashionable passion for style

  9. Vintage shopping is my ABSOLUTE favorite. Another great tip for finding vintage: go to thrift shops in more affluent neighborhoods. You’re more likely to find original designer threads and pieces in mint condition. I’m from NYC so I do alot of thrift shopping in the upper east side – I always end up with great pieces.

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