This week witnessed tons of chic thanks to an NAACP event, the Daytime Emmy Awards, and diva Whitney Houston’s comeback performance:







I must say Ms. Houston looks amazing. Though her Good Morning America performance left a lot to be desired, her outfit and makeup were classy, flawless, and fierce! Coming up in second place for my week in chic nomination would have to be DJ Clue… Fix your face indeed!

Who wins this week’s chic award for you?

13 thoughts on “This Week in Chic: Beyonce, Whitney, and the NAACP Awards!”

  1. What is going on with Beyonce’s lacefront?! It looks crooked. :|

    Ms. Whitney Houston is totally chic & doing it very well this week! YAY Diva!

  2. Urgh that does not even look like whitney!! But I like monica’s laid back look…I am going to have to give Beyonce the award because that skirt is hot hot hot. I’m kind of feeling the vibe I’m gettn from Free’s shirt

  3. Whitney looks HOT! So glad she’s back. Bey lookin’ kinda…fakey? I don’t know something’s off. The fit is BAD it

  4. Everyone looks nice, even Bey, and is that Free with the hat?
    I completely agree about Whitney’s GMA performance. She was tired, out of breath, scratchy voice, and then just walked off stage early.

  5. I love love LOVE Beyonce’s outfit. The skirt is on point.
    Jay looks simple and proper with the plaid shirt.
    DJ Clue’s shirt has me cracking up at work, I actually want one.
    Whitney looked amazing but yeah that voice…eh.
    I like Monica’s look except for those boots.

    Meagan Good please return to bangs.

  6. Bey is finally looking good from head to toe…how did Rihanna make the cut with that head scarf wrapped around her head like she just rolled outta bed?

  7. Bey looks impeccable as usual. Rihanna looks great like this, when she doesn’t have all that dreadful makeup on. Stacy looks great for her age, but I’m not feeling the shirt dress at all.

  8. Tyra, Beyonce and Ms. Whitney looks great. I love Beys skirt and the simple black tank. perfect. Hopefully topshop will be doing a replica soon!!!!

  9. Love Beyonce’s outfit. I love black. I love skirts. I love simple but SEXY! Please find me a similar skirt!

    I don’t care for Whitney’s outfit (or at least I don’t think it qualifies as “chic”) but I’m glad the diva is back.

    Stacey Dash is lovely as always but I just don’t like shirt dresses that fit like that– especially white ones. People have been wearing this outfit since at least 2006 if not earlier.

    Come on Fashion Bomb! Does Rihanna have to be in EVERY post?! Her outfit is too simple and casual to be on this list. I mean, I can pick up her outfit ANYWHERE, like Old Navy.

    But overall, the women on this post look LOVELY.


    Monica sure does love her some boots!

  10. !!!!monica !!! is not only a super talented and well respected vocalist who can take you to the club and church :-) LOL SHE does casual so well. i love the christian louboutin boots very sexy and in control! make up is flawless and accessories are tasteful.

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