The world is a very different place to just a few generations ago. The way we live our lives, the way we work, and the way we dress have all changed dramatically. 

Technology is the main driver of most of this change, giving us computers that speed up communication, design, and mathematical calculations. It has also helped us live more comfortably, with warmer (and cooler) homes, more entertainment options, and gadgets that can take care of many household chores. 

Few consider the technological impact on the way we dress, but without technology, we’d still all be wearing formal clothing, made entirely from natural fibers, in just a few basic colors. 

Shipping new fashion designs across the world into high street stores and online retailers would take months and not weeks, meaning we wouldn’t be buying new garments all the time. 

This is why, over the last five or so decades, we’ve gone from wearing shirts and jackets to do our weekly shop to more casual attire. Many workplaces are also transitioning away from formalwear to allow people to wear whatever they find comfortable, leading to armies of denim-clad office workers. 

While this is great most of the time, it does mean we have fewer and fewer opportunities to get dressed up in our best clothes. That can be a real shame since getting dressed up can be a fun and enjoyable experience. 

Thankfully, you don’t need to go without. There are plenty of opportunities that we can take advantage of to get dressed up. Here are some of them.

The Casino

Casinos are often associated with glitz and glamour, especially for anyone who has watched a James Bond movie. In several Bond films, 007 is seen playing card games surrounded by other impeccably dressed people, and there’s no reason you can’t replicate that.

Unlike sites that offer online poker and other similar games, where you have the freedom to wear whatever you want (since you’re at home), most modern casinos operate some form of dress code. They’re not James Bond-level strict though, it’s usually just a ban on sportswear and anything obscene.

With that said, you absolutely won’t be out of place if you’re wearing a suit or even a tuxedo. 

The Races

Horse racing is one of few sports that has retained the tradition of spectators getting dressed up. It remains part of the overall experience, along with placing bets on the races throughout the day.

Most racetracks enforce some form of dress code, though the strictness depends on the venue, event, and the enclosure or suite that you have a ticket for. For example, the Churchill Downs Racetrack which hosts the Kentucky Derby has three levels of formality: track casual, smart casual, and business casual. 

The former is the least restrictive and allows most outfits with the exception of ripped or torn garments, sportswear, and clothes that display the midriff. In contrast, business casual requires guests to be dressed formally. 

Even in the general admission parts of the racetrack, you’ll fit right in if you’re dressed smartly as many others will be taking advantage of the opportunity. 

The Theatre

You’d likely stick out if you wore a suit or a Jimmy Choo cocktail dress to the cinema, but the same isn’t true for the theatre. Like horse racing, theatres have been able to retain some of the tradition for dressing up. 

The number of people dressed smartly will vary depending on the theatre, the show, and the time, though evening performances and opening nights in older venues will typically attract the most people in formalwear. With that said, if you’re dressed up, you’ll fit right in at most theatres, even if a large chunk of the audience hasn’t made the effort. 

If you’re heading to the theatre, you could even make the most of it and head for a pre or post-performance meal in a restaurant, giving you double the reasons to get dressed up.