Fashion is a form of self-expression; it is the easiest way you can communicate to those around you without having to speak.

On the other hand, self grooming caters for the things you do to make your appearance clean and neat i.e brushing your teeth, shaving, taking care of your beard, cutting nails and so much more.


These two might look alike but they are completely different – though to be a fully styled up man / woman, you have to be both well dressed and groomed. It will carry no meaning to wear an expensive designer shirt/dress when your personal hygiene is poor. Grooming is more personalized, the community around you might not notice it as it would be with fashion but it is more important than fashion.



  • Sign Of Self-Improvement:- When you wear clothes that fit you very well and suit your status, that will be a great step towards self-improvement. A good example is a Movie Star by the names of Michael B Jordan (star in a movie called CREED) who has become a new face of COACH MENSWEAR – he managed to get this role because of his fame and great taste for fashion. Being stylish and well groomed won him lots of social followers around the globe (with over 1,142,095 facebook followers & 1,000,000 twitter followers). Looking stylish shows people around you that you have transformed from bad to better, it wins their trust and their perception towards you will always be positive. Another great example is Sean Combs ”Puff Daddy” – one of the most successful American rappers, his stylish, confident and powerful.


  • Good Sign That You Take Care Of Your Self:- Every time you dress well and present yourself in a fashionable manner – you send a message to people that you take great care of yourself and those around you. In a nutshell – it helps you create a positive image which breaks barriers that would have blocked you on your way to success.


  • Shows That Your Confident:- I do always get that self awesomeness when I wear something great – not necessarily that it has to be expensive, but not cheap at the same time. Choosing and matching the right outfit will make you look adorable. Once in a while you will hear people say ”I WANT TO DRESS LIKE SO & SO”. They drive that confidence from you. Some fashion styles / trends command self-confidence, you have to believe in yourself in-order to pull off certain trends and people around you will always say that you’re bold.


  • Indicates That You Pay Attention To Detail:- Fashion is all about paying attention to details. Right from color contrast, cloth fitting, prints and designs in the fabric, finishing of the fabric, weather condition, time of the day, activities of the day and so much more. Just a few people can pay attention to all those details, so a few who can are highly respected.


  • Earns You Respect From The Community:- By default people get attracted to smart people. You have to dress well and at the same time act smart. Combining these two factors will earn you lots of respect from people around you.


  • Gets You The Right Attention:- If you’re the kind of person who likes attention, being fashionable can get you all the attention you need. People love beautiful things, so if you become the center of beauty & style – all eyes will be on you.



Just like I said, being fashionable goes hand-in-hand with personal grooming. It is more of a hygienic practice done for both health and beauty purposes. It is only people close to you who will notice how well groomed you’re and these few people can greatly impact your life more than a large community which praises the way you dress.


  • Shows Better Personal Hygiene And Care:- To be well groomed does not necessarily mean to wear the best suit or attire. Majority of men dress like models but beneath those expensive attires is smell & hairy parts here and there. I just wonder why a person would buy a $1000 suit but fail to invest in one of the best electric shavers which do not cost more than $200. It is very important to clean and shave your body thoroughly before wearing that expensive suit/attire. Actually you won’t find any good use of perfumes if your body is extremely clean.


  • Establishes Relationships:- People don’t get attracted to unhygienic people. If you smell wired, have a bad breath, have a fully grown uncared for beard that smells…..etc….people will always distance themselves from you. But a well groomed person attracts people around him – it is a sign of modernity and responsibility.



  • Makes You Look Organized:- It is very difficult for a well groomed person not to be organized. By the time you take care of parts that only you and your partner will see – the spirit of hardworking and being organized will be seen by those close to you thus increase on your chances of being successful at the things you do.



  • Makes You Productive:- Being hygienic will scare away bacteria & germs that could make you sick thus boost your productivity. Whatever you do – you will do it with a lot of confidence.



  • Builds Confident:- Once your body is thoroughly clean, you won’t fear interacting with people of all classes. This will help you find a partner because you’re not scared of that bad breath.




  • Makes You Unique:- Right, not everyone can afford to be clean both on the inside and outside. Majority of people care about how they look on the outside – they wear very expensive clothes and perfumes but they forget that a bad breath, unshaved beard, dirty nails and a dirty body make them look cheap. Always compliment that trendy style with a well groomed body.