Today’s Bombshell hails from the Empire State! Take a look at a few of Tyrina’s snaps:
She types, “ Tyrina Lee was born in New York, one of the global platforms when you think of fashion and worldly recognized as the fashion mecca of the US.”

2 tyrina from new york
“.. Fashion has always been apart of her lifestyle.”

1 tyrina from new york
“[She is a] partner of Atlanta’s premiere women apparel store and lifestyle brand Fly Chix ATL.”

1 tyrina from new york

” Infusing custom pieces and unique items from up and coming and sought after designers…”
9 tyrina from new york
“… Fly Chix merchandise represents a collision of self expression, art, and original style.”

00 tyrina from new york
” With unlimited resources from the fashion and music industry…. ”

0 tyrina from new york
“…Styling countless photo shoots, videos, commercials and red carpet appearances is just another day at the office for Lee.”

0 tyina from new york

“… Lee’s most recent muse is Navyvadius Wilburn known to the world as Future who not only has dominated the charts but the fashion industry with his unique and fashion forward style with the assistance of Lee.”

3 tyrina from new york
” “Fashion changes, but style endures”…”

3 tyrina from new york 1
“…and Lee’s work will continue to be stapled in the minds of the fashion world for years to come.”
tyrina from new york
Thanks for submitting! Some hits and misses, but I love your Torn by Ronny Kobo white dress and Giuseppe Zanotti sandals.
Check out Tyrina’s e-store at
What do you think?

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104 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Tyrina from New York”

  1. She’s got some cute urban fly looks, like the jersey dress and Jordans. I like those more than her more girly looks— maybe because I could never pull them off.

  2. “Fashion changes, but style endures” Interesting you say that…

    Another famous quote for you Lee, “Money can’t buy style”

  3. She definitely have that New York swag, I am in that with that white sweatsuit outfit, I am going to have to steal that look girl! Dope style!

  4. Lee, can you OR your third person please explain the striped pants, red hat, and flip flop look?

  5. This post was hilarious. I’d like to know what fashion industry Future is dominating. I’m weak…

  6. I like everything, except two pics. Your look suits you well. Very nice and fashion forward. The timbs are a straight NY style! LOL!

    You represent NYC very well. Keep it up!

  7. I was so confused about whether she submitted the pics or if a friend did based on the captions that I didn’t even notice what she had on.

  8. Tooooooooo trendy! Some looks are super cute others scream trying to be urban way toooo hard. I expect so much more from someone that is reppin designer life oh so hard.

  9. I wanted to root for you but nah…i’m sure niggas holla but whatevs…not soo into grown women rockin str8 up sneaks on the reg…thought the pink dress n heels was a’ight….i like the way you tried to rep ur style..but the actual delivery was everyday hood chick to me

  10. Ima need her to stay off Ioffer, (in my third person voice) please and thank you!

  11. I think Trina is cute and I can see that she does try to be on trend with the tomboy chic looks, and the bodycon dresses with the cute shoes. She does dress her body well as well. That being said I don’t think there is anything innovative about any of her looks at all. I also don’t think she is unique. I blame social media for this bc I have seen many women with this style that Trina has and think the amount of followers they have or the compliments they get from people who really don’t know what their talking about saying things like “unique” “girl i could never dress like that” etc when its so easy to replicate this look. There is no hate in this comment, I just really think people should truly examine what fashion and style really is before acting like they know it so well.

  12. I just gotta LMAO at some of the negative response in here. She looks 10 times better than that Phili chick with the ratty looking weave and boring clothes. Peeps are giving her “Bombshell of the Year” status, but wanna clown on this chick. At least she looks like she PAYS to get her hair done professionally.

  13. I’m gonna cosign with Janice!!!! That girl is fab. HANDS DOWN. And y’all know it. Tisk tisk…

  14. That bio was a complete fail…and I can’t cosign anybody who’s inspired by Future’s wardbrobe.

  15. The maxi dress is cute, but “I can’t” with the Jordans. Like others have said, it’s too trendy and the looks aren’t polished.

  16. It was hard to focus on her clothes with the narrative in 3rd person, I could not stop laughing. Did she submit or a friend? Either way, she has some cute pieces and she styled herself well. Not a fan of sneakers or timbs but it was very NY, so I got it. Cute girl, but nothing inspiring or ground breaking here.

  17. Really? Is this a joke?

    First of all, this is every day hood fashion. Nothing to see here. Second of all, the third person narrative with the awkward usage of words out of context had me *dead*.

  18. I like her sneaker free looks. She does the girlie much better than the tomboy swagg. And that figure! Girl!! White dress and Cruel Summer sandals, I like :)

  19. cute girl and I’m sure in a few years her taste will evolve into something really worth watching but the Jordans and Timberlands are not cool. She is a woman dressed like a NY High School student. I think she should resubmit in a few years when she has more diversity and polish to her wardrobe.

  20. Her looks are cute for her. My little sister (who just turned 18) has more fashion sense & style than this chick (and she has no job… lol). Lee looks no different than the chick from around the way going to the bodega down the block. Yes, she is very NY but not a 5th & Madison, NY Fashion Week, Sex in The City kind of way but more so a Bronx projects, dope boy girlfriend at age 17 kind of way. And she is supposed to be a fashion stylist???? Wow….

  21. She has cute style but that’s it…Fashion Mecca and she comes up with everyday urban gear sooooo it’s just your basic cute steez

  22. Cute girl but NOT BOMBSHELL Worthy ….. The urban look works for her, but she should really incorporate more textures and silhouettes into her wardrobe. Modern day urban dressing includes much more than sweats, sneakers, and snap back hats.

  23. Shocked at the negative comments.. I think she looks beautiful !! I do however think her style looks “done before”.. it’s the type of style that you will see often…. I guess you can say unoriginal .. the white dress look was already done by ISHATERIA … BUT with that being said I still think she looks fashionable and like a bombshell…

  24. Loved a few of her outfits but none of the copywriting, spelling or grammar errors which distracted me enough to scroll back through the pics like ‘Who is Lee?!’

    Or maybe that was the strategy: have them go through the pics multiple times? Yet, there were a lot of them so thanks for that, Tyrina.

    A few nice pieces (stripped pants, cropped sweatsuit, pleated blouse ensemble and the maxi). I get the hat love, too.

    Haven’t read the other comments yet, but by the sheer volume… Kudos to new designers, we should support them. A place like NY should have some kind of incubator by now which would help her with ancillary services like marketing. If not, they should get on it.

    Thanks for posting Claire and keep it going, Tyrina!

  25. Some hits, some misses for me. That 3rd person tho was her biggest faux pas

  26. Please! Make it stop! She is a pretty girl, but I think a bombshell on this site really just means someone who – wait for it…..can put on clothes. There is nothing to see here and the description is just confusing and disjointed.

  27. That third person narrative KILLED ME. I couldnt even pay attention to the clothing lmfao maybe she didnt actually submit this herself.

    The white dress at the end was cute and the maxi dress.

  28. BTW the third person may have unintentionally been done, she may have wrote about herself , thinking that Claire would include the descriptions coming from her rather than the person.. I can see how a mistake could have been done…

  29. Her grammar is quite frankly atrocious. Please stop taking pictures and pick up a book. Can people PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop wearing fakes when they submit as fashion bombs?!

  30. This is cute… Her style in so urban, it’s Ny, and its written all over her.. Fashion can be fly in different ways

  31. She is a beautiful girl, but there is nothing unique about any of these looks. Bombshell, but not fashion bombshell.

  32. i come to fashion bomb daily to see new innovative styles from different celebs and regular folks. these looks right here are everyday instagram styles. i have a boutique and i try to incorporate grown up pieces in my store… shes a cute girl, but bombshell no. i’ve seen some bombshells on here before. i’m not one for tearing anyone down i just don’t see originality in this. what i see are recreations from a rihanna fan… move along folks nothing to see here

  33. I knew people were going to drag her in the comments. Bless her heart lol. I do love her Cruel Summer’s though.

  34. It’s ok..she looks cute for the most part and young. She should dress her age..i like the sneaker looks

  35. This is got to be a joke!! She is a pretty girl but she kinda comes off arrogant. I’m confused as to why she’s referring to herself in the third person. I really hope she didn’t submit this on her own thinking talking in the third person was okay.

  36. girls with Jordans and Timbs YUCK!!!!

  37. Why are you people fixated on how she wrote the description???Maybe it was in error..Maybe someone submitted this on her behalf. Who cares??? Look at the clothes.. Some of you women need to get a life. But I bet your life consists of coming on sites like this and tearing people down…I notice how the comments with no profile pics are the nastiest.. Women are so cruel.. I don’t like her style, its not for me but I don’t need to waste time to write a comment and try to tear her down. .For what? these people making these comments are sadly probably women who are just mad…

  38. Just because you wear name brand/ designer items, that doesn’t mean you can dress. Some hits, some misses

  39. By my handle you can tell this entry wasn’t my cup of tea! It said NYC all day (my hometown) however it also said immature. The last two fits with a dress and real shoes said anything beyond urban or casual wear. I was looking for more as the write-up sounds like a resume post. This one was odd but good luck.

  40. Co-sign @ Anon 4:35. Some of the comments are mean-spirited and redundant. I voted “some hits some misses”, because while I don’t like everything, I think some of her more feminine looks hit the mark.

  41. I cant with the description. It takes a lot away from what could have been a substantial post. On the constructive side, I will say that I like the urban chic look. That’s all I got for this…

  42. i don’t care for this at all. i hope she’s very young because she dresses like a teenager…would be extremely age-inappropriate for anyone over about 23.

  43. You all are making it seem like the girl is wearing 5 different shades of potato sacks with crocs..It’s not bad, I’m sure her style will blossom more with time.

    Love the last ensemble!

  44. 3rd person was strange to see.
    Beyond that I am NY born and raised, and I think its meh. She’s pretty but style I’m not really feelin.

  45. Nothing at all groundbreaking here. If I wanted to see a plethora of Jordans, I would go check out the chicks in the highschool up the street. That third person had me cracking up though. Pretty girl but not a bombshell.

  46. All I have to do is log on to Instagram or go on tumblr and I will see thousands of girls dressed exactly the same as this, therefore I am not here for it at all. Basic is doesn’t even some this up. And stop it with the 3rd person narrative, it’s so awkward.

  47. i wanted those knock off creul summer zanotti’s but i just could do it to myself.. -soft sigh-

  48. Is she in high school? I want to say some things but if this poor soul is a child I will hold my tongue and just say that these looks strike me as a high school girl trying to keep up with the celebrity women on instagram

  49. Trying way too hard, I can only dig her white Guiseppe’s, yes ma’am – thats it!

  50. Got my Jersey dress on.. Jordan heels match my press-ons. Yup, team darks skin… We don’t like these red bones…. lol

  51. The 3rd person narrative…maybe she didn’t submit herself, but it’s still a bit much for someone else to write about her. You’re trying too hard and it comes off as just basic.

  52. mehhhh…not impressed. proof that just because you own a few high end does not mean you will immediately be “fashion”. She gets an “A” for effort, but definitely not a bombshell. NEXT—->

  53. All those individually. expensive and nice pieces, but nothing looked pulled together. I guess she tried..i guess…

  54. Tyrina, you are Gorg, and I see you have some great pieces in your wardrobe. But don’t do those Jordans….they cheapen your overall look

  55. “With unlimited resources from the fashion and music industry….” one ought to look better than that.

    While we’re at it get your foundation game right. Skin could use major improvement.

  56. You have got to be kidding.…this many Jordans…no no. Basketball jersey dress? Por Que?? Flip Flops? No me gusta. Cute but no bombshell here. Sorry. I’d like to see another round that is more stylish and polished.

  57. “Urban style” is definitely a genre of style but this is very normal or basic. Nothing we wouldn’t see in a traditional “urban” setting. In fact, it wouldn’t be one of the “fly chicks” she tried though. Kudos to her

  58. I die at these comments….Kudos to anyone who is featured. Takes alot of guts

    P.S. Tims are not representative of NY style…maybe when I was listening to Pac and Biggie in the 90s

    Dats it….

  59. Ghetto train wreck. Basic at best…..tights…Jordans. …fashion statement? Yeah for someone in middle school, that ish looks country AF

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