Today our Bombshell is both a fashionista and a designer!

Rebekah from Philly Fashion Bomb

Rebekah from Philly says, “Here’s a pic of me rocking one of my headbands after debuting them at a fashion show in Harlem!”

What do you think of Rebekah’s style? And would you rock her headwear?

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8 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day : Rebekah from Philly”

  1. Not feeling the headbank, maybe it should have been a hood/scarf combo. However, I do like the capris.

  2. LoL What Headband

    BtW!! In my opinion the outfit is pretty fashion forward, considering the fact that there is pure innovation bleeding from the photo…I dont think that fashion should measured by the number of colors in the photo, or the amount of items on the person, it should be more-so of what stands out or how “unique” the person is….

    But yea I say “Kuddos” :-)

  3. BEE- I have those shoes in Black…got’em from Nine West couple of seasons ago…dont kno the name! for the outfit…not Feelin it

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