Bossip has a few pictures of Cassie on set at her new video:


Seems she has combed her alluring shaved coiffe into a pompadour, and added a pair of spectacles for a quirky, fashion forward steeze.

I think I like this! It seems she’s slowly but surely edging out her own distinct identity:


But what do you think? Is it hot! Or did it make you go hmmm….?

7 thoughts on “Hot! or Hmm… : Cassie’s Video Look”

  1. Mostly hmm, but some “hot” just b/c she seems a bit more confident about it. The verdict is still out on her tho.

  2. the hair, i like…just not on cassie! I dont feel like this is her natural style…it’s not her!

  3. I think she looks more like rihanna! Trying to do the whole edgy thing and yeah its cool but if the music doesnt match up then what the point? Waste of time then.

  4. Now I think she’s trying to bite off of Janelle Monae (sp?) with the hair, another bad boy artist, no? She needs to just relax and find out what’s really her, she’s lucky that she has this opportunity even with her no-singing “talent”, so she’s needs to just be herself.

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