We’re continuing our fly Bombshell streak with Patience, a Zimbabwe native currently living in West Des Moines, Iowa:

She says, “I am an actuary by profession and also the face behind the fashion blog, www.justpatience.com.”

” My blog documents more of my personal style and little tidbits of my daily life.”

“…I would describe my style as more of classic with a hint of edge.”

” That is not to say I can’t go street style when duty calls for it :).”

” I don’t usually fall into the trendy fads as much, since whenever I am about to buy something, I’d ask myself, would I rock this in 5 years?”

” Note the use of the word rocking instead of wearing.”

” Big difference between the two.”

“I would really be honored to be featured and hear what other readers think of my style.”

I.love.it.all. You better go on and keep it fly in Iowa! And watch out before I jack you for that Céline tote. Hot!
What say you, Bombshells?


Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 2-6 picture(s) to th************@gm***.com. Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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137 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Patience from Zimbabwe”

  1. I love it! Everything flows. Nothing extraordinay or outlandish, but she is well put together

  2. She is giving me everything in these pics! Hot! Love it! I will be checking her blog out asap!


  3. If anyone hates on her you are just a non-style having raggedy b***h. Girl you are the best bombshell I have seen in a long time. Keep that style game flawless.

  4. She BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!! That yellow dress is bananas, that orange get up is sexy! Yo she shut it down!!! Thanks for repping Africa real well mama!

  5. A fellow Zimbabwean finally, of course you know what I’m gonna say. I LOVE IT!!! YAAAAAAAAS!

  6. This is Bomb! Goes to show you fashion is fashion regardless of where you are! Your style is hot girl, BAAAAM!

  7. Get it Zimbabwe!i must say the site is full of people from my homeland today..good to see us getting some love.

  8. She looks great! I love her classic silhouettes. Claire, you take the blue Celine tote and I’ll take the black! (At least I think there are two colors)

  9. Every SINGLE fit is FLAWLESS! This woman knows what she’s doing. Going to check out her blog now!!!

  10. Nice to see some ladies still out there rocking stockings, I’m not one of them, but nice to see they are still around. Every outfit was divine. Bombshell!!!

  11. I love it!!! She’s one of the BEST Ive seen so far!

    Hey Claire you should have a Battle of the Bombshells featuring the top 5 or 10 Bombshells featured on the site!

  12. im sooo in love with her classy style!!
    I love my black sistas we really know how to put that PA-SAZZ in style!!!

  13. YES! YES! YES! I love that every pick is classy…with a touch of edge to it. One of the best/most complete fashionbombs I’ve seen in a while ;)

  14. THE BEST BOMBSHELL I HAVE EVER EVER EVER SEEN ON HERE…..and it’s weird b/c I JUST followed her today after she commented on my blog …LOVE her style

  15. Definitely a bombshell… very classy, great use of colors and accessories. I am a shoe-aholic… loves em!

  16. Chick is BAAAAAD! I’m getting sass, elegance, femininity and edge all at the same time! Oh and she is so giving me “Aunt Viv (Vivica)” in that cheetah print dress! Yes Maam! LOL

  17. Just grown and fearless! Her confidence speaks volumes too. You know how you can tell how settled in their self someone is from their pictures? I’m getting all that. Beautiful!

  18. Claire, you grab the Celine tote while I grab that orange oversize clutch! Love her style!

  19. Best i have seen in a while!!! Def. one of my favs ever posted!

    So you and me and the white lady who sits next to me are the last stocking’d foks around!!! <3 <3 <3

  20. i never comment on the bombs but this chick right HERE! is the truth. THIS to me is style, every look is complete, tastefully accessorized, shoe game on 100 and she is wearing the HELL out of them clothes, not the other way around. no gimmicks here and none necessary. she knows who she is, has a distinct POV that comes across clearly no matter what she is wearing or where she is going, knows what works for her and does it like a queen. quality, well fitting, well tailored pieces. best bombshell ever in my book.

  21. YES! I havent been on her ein two weeks because I was scared off by all the fuckery that was being posted. She is a “A” in my book!

  22. There is something about her. All her looks seem effortless. Nice! Love the yellow dress outfit. * going to check out her blog*

  23. Yesss! Yes! Yes! Fancy and then some, the best I’ve seen so far. Patience you rock!

  24. Fabulous looks all around!!!!!! I’m going to need all of those outfits and their accessories asap lol!!!!!!!!!

  25. she really defines elegance, which is something we’re seeing less and less of nowadays in fashion. i am, however, always loathe to give a 100% stamp of approval without seeing more of how she styles trousers (i think skirts/dresses are sort of easier to get right)

  26. She is one of the best bombshells featured in a while. Go ‘head girl, doing it all the way in the Motherland!!

  27. I have am lusting over that Celine bag! I know that’s sinful…but dang! :-) I have to agree with many of the comments, she is the best FBOD that I have seen on this website. Reminds me of some of the Parisian women featured on the Sartorialist, effortless, classy, stylish!

  28. I lived in West Desmoines for four years. A Bronx chic living in the midwest was straight torture ughhhh any who you look HAUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Yessssssss! My Blog Buddy Patience! I Love her style. Its so nice to see her featured here and read such lovely comments. She is truly chic and rocks the look effortlessly. Go Patience!

  30. i know most of u probably do not know where zimbabwe is. we are neighbours with south africa. Patience is representing zim well, as a fellow zimbabwean, i just have to say i love it.

  31. Seriously… it should be illegal to be this fly.. I love every single piece and whats even better is the fact that its not hard to put together..classic pieces with an edge..love it!!!

  32. yaaaaaay africa!!! lol…she is too cool for this world. So Stylish, i am jealous of her poise

  33. Patience is the real deal. She presents fashion like we’ve never seen it before, Classic sexy stuff….she makes us Africans so proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I agree w/Shawn I havent seen an actual “bombshell” in a while! Zimbabwe Im impressed hands down! :)

  35. I love the details on her stockings. The next Bombshell has her word cut out for here. These looks are absolutely amazing! Fun.

  36. I never post on this blog, but I had to leave my thoughts…one of the best Bombshells I’ve seen on this blog! Her style is effortless! I absolutely love all of pieces!!!

  37. Love the picture with the orange and leopard I love the look she is giving. I also like the black lace top with the brown floppy hat.

  38. love it, but is it HER style? the pics look like a photoshoot in borrowed clothes styled by a stylist (note the bottom of the nude suede pumps…clean as a whistle)

  39. @Tricia, Yes it is my style, I don’t have a stylist, don’t know if there is any in Iowa (wish I did :)). All clothes are mine and some pieces are featured in multiple Lookbooks on my blog. I guess it’s a compliment and flattery that you think I have a stylist :)

  40. I’ve never commented on a Bombshell before (I usually just take in the sights and comments), but Patience’s style is amazing. Truly a Bombshell.

  41. I saw the tweet about this bombshell but didn’t have the time to check. She’s hands down a great submission. Such poise, classic silhouettes, fabulous colors and top shoes and accessories!!! Instant follow and I wish her the best!!

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