You guys weren’t too jazzed with yesterday’s Bombshell, but hopefully Mary from Indiana is more your speed!
3 Mary from Indiana
She writes, “My name is Mary and I am the author of Curlybyrdie Chirps a fashion blog that is all about being fashionable on a budget.
Mary from Indiana
” I wanted to start out by saying what a fan I am your blog!”

Mary from Indiana
“I have enjoyed checking out all the featured fashionista’s and would be honored if I were chosen.”

9 Mary from Indiana

” I would describe my style as Classic with a touch of sexiness.”

7 Mary from Indiana
” In my 40’s I have learned to really embrace my curves and carry myself with confidence something that I was not able to do in my 20’s.”

6 Mary from Indiana
” Have an awesome day and look forward to hearing from you soon.”

4 Mary from Indiana
Mary from Indiana

3 Mary from Indiana
Cute! Represent for 40 and fabulous!
See more on Mary’s blog at and on Instagram @CurlyByrdie.
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16 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Mary from Indiana”

  1. Yaaassss finally yesterday was a blahh ! This woman is indeed a fashionista and you can definitely see that she has in depth knowledge of clothing and body type also age appropriate and still grown sexy ! #werkgirl #40andfabulouspleasestandup !

  2. She knows how to navigate her prints and patterns. Special appreciation for the navy blue dress and printed shoes that got me.
    Only thing i saw was the last pic where i don’t feel the shape of this hat for that outfit.
    40? Like in “40 pushing 25”?

  3. She’s a bombshell! I would rock each of the looks. She looks great for a woman in her 40’s, not that I consider that old.

  4. She looks normal. That’s an up! I like her outfits, and she seems to not be into makeup and that’s cool, because I think it makes her look even YOUNGER. She looks nice!

  5. Great classic style! Timeless pieces are the way to go, b/c trendy is a total waste of money, IMHO.

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