We’re taking it to Temple Hills, Maryland, for today’s Bombshell, Shanda:
8 Shanda from Maryland
She writes, “My style is ultra chic, with a twist of vintage glam.”
7 Shanda from Maryland
“I am a Wardrobe stylist…”

6 Shanda from Maryland
“… and fashion Blogger at Grandexecution.org.”

5 Shanda from Maryland

” Grand Execution is also on Facebook.”
4 Shanda from Maryland

3 Shanda from Maryland

2 Shanda from Maryland

9 Shanda from Maryland

Shanda from Maryland
I’ll have to check you out!
See more at GrandExecution.org.
What do you think?

What do you think of Shanda from Maryland?

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45 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Shanda from Maryland”

  1. If I can pick out which pieces came from a salvation army box, it’s safe to say you’re not doing “vintage” well. Not at all. Not even close.

  2. Truly I am becoming disappointed in this segment, Claire please review these entries before posting them. This is just becoming ridiculous now.

  3. The black and blue look is good.
    The pink number is unflattering.
    Some of those vintage dresses tend to look like the context is a costume ball.

  4. She isn’t horrible but not a bombshell some of the stuff just look outdated not vintage

  5. Stick to bomb bloggers. FBOD is a complete huge joke and waste of damn time especially it you just do it to do it. I’d rather go a week and see one good entry than see piss poor crap every day. I know that’ll cut down on your views but trust me readers get tired of sifting through crap. It’s it’s like this I’ll just go to tumblr or who what where for fashion inspiration and news.

  6. I completely agree with Ciniffer – I think FBOD should be reduced to once or twice a week. That way you all can focus on the actual bombshells and not just post these articles for the hell of it.

    In replacement would love to see more Style Inspiration posts showcasing high & low end pieces. Those are becoming my favourite articles.

    As for today’s post, i vote “Some Hits, Some Misses”. I think she has a style that suits her however her vintage outfits look outdated.

  7. What in the internet hell is this foolishness. The satin white maitre d dress with the champagne no ma’am. I am borderline going to stop coming to this page I’m fed up with these Bombshells of the day seriously.

  8. That glove ring combo, the bad synthetic wig, puffy pink fit is unflattering. This is not styling. Come on Claire get it together and stop wit the bullshit

  9. Oh Claire bear, when will we see you on a comedy tour? My advice, just do one vintage item at a time and have it altered. Even the blue black look has ill fitting hosiery with runs. I had hot wings for lunch

  10. I just can’t get over that lilac outfit….someone please take a match to it, that thing needs to burn.

  11. You know the submission is pretty bad when the comments aren’t rude yet honest lol she definitely has her own sense of style, FOR SURE.

  12. Clearly Clair has to feature the bombers who think they know how to dress, to differentiate with bombshell.

  13. @claire I think it’s time that you and I arranged a heart to heart ….. hehe I love the Lion King LOL

    Seriously, there is a big difference between the FBOD section now and two years ago. I don’t have the excitement that I once had. I barely even view the FBOD post anymore. I don’t think it’s your fault, but I do think there’s been a negative shift. Maybe we’re just not excited because we see it all on social media. I don’t know, but you should consider reducing the FBOD post, because these aren’t good for your FBD brand in my opinion. I find myself reverting back to the fashion magazines for inspiration lately.

  14. I don’t trust anyone saying theyre a stylist when they can’t even style themselves.

  15. I loved the last look. Fashion is Fashion. Granted some better than others but who is Claire really to say who is a bombshell or not. What she likes we may not like and vice versa. I respect her for giving us different definitions of bombshells. If everyone style was what everyone would like it’s no need to have a vote button. Claire has to try and show style everyone likes. AND 4 people liked it. I don’t mind seeing fashion I don’t necessarily agree with. I know half of ya’ll behind the nasty post look a hotmess so hush! My rant:)

  16. Maybe she’s a stylist for the church fashion shows . To be a stylist you have to know about complimentary colors , fabrics , symmetry etc. Different prints and colors compliment different body shapes. She needs to study a little more

  17. no lie whatsoever, i’m from maryland and the first thing i thought when i saw this post on the main page was this chick is either from b-more or pg county. lo and behold, she’s from temple hills…in pg county. this is how a lot of pg county girls do fashion. i’ll just leave it at that.

  18. “We’re taking it to Temple Hills, Maryland, for today’s Bombshell, Shanda:”

    I already knew.

  19. i had the chance to visit her website and i must day she is VERY earnest in her love for fashion. While the execution may be everything but grand…. she looooves the business and has some writing talent

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