Today’s Bombshell is Lisa from Boston, aka Dimepiece on a Dime:

She says, “I just love your blog.”

“Hopefully these photos make the cut!”

“[My style is] effortless chic…”

“… without breaking the bank”

On her blog, she writes, “DimePieceOnaDime is rooted in my firm belief that every person can look her best (you decide what that is) without having to spend a lot of money to do it.”

“… I celebrity stalk as much as the next girl, but I won’t ever pretend I have the $$ to do what they do.”

” I also know myself well enough to know that I could care less about “classic pieces.” I want what’s cute N.O.W! Right??! “

” I won’t sleep until I make [my] blog one of your routine online hot spots!”

Ok! Love the color blocking and your use of bright tones. I’ll be checking you out.
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78 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Lisa from Boston”

  1. She has a very clean, sharp, colorful look. I love it! She doesnt have to try to hard to come off as a fashionista.

  2. Very cute girl, love some of her lipstick choices. I don’t know if I am swayed by her style, but I appreciate the whole package…very cute.

  3. The only thing that I saw that was fashion was the shorts with the blazer..everthing else was just ummmm…

  4. ummm…she spends to much time trying to look like everyone else…not bad…just not impressed…i dunno…sigh

  5. Lemme vent for a sec….if I see one more black woman with hair down to the knee with those curling wand beachy waves I will lose my mind. I can not for the life of me get this trend. What happened to real hair and why is it so taboo? I don’t mean natural or without a relaxer I’m just saying this Kim K era has played out!!!! Snatch that weave out!

  6. I happen to be natural but, whose to say this is not her real hair? A pet peeve of most black women is when there is nothing fake looking about your hair but people make the assumption that it is. What a black woman can have long hair down to her knees?

  7. Unfortunately for the bombshell and your blind eye mamareese the texture of honey boo boo’s hair changes about 3 or 4 inches from the root. Try upgrading your PC and or monitor.

  8. Lisa is my cousin. Her wearing weave is a new thing. I think she can rock an otufit with her natural hair( fyi which is naturaly curly/wavy) or with weave. I think hair should be an expression like an outfit is.

  9. I really liked some of her outfits and she’s a pretty girl but I feel she’s a little to put together like the sort of girl that spends an hour perfecting a “just threw this on” outfit.
    I do agree to some degree about classic pieces, my wardrobe is half asos half designer but a designer bag or heels can really make the most basic outfit look amazing so some pieces are worth the investment.
    I’ll defiantly check her blog out.

  10. There is absolutely nothing wrong if she wants to wear her hair like that. It’s not on yall so don’t worry about it. I think she looks decent, trendy and cute for her age. Exuding confidence is the best physical attribute anyone could have and she’s got it!

  11. @loni what has it got to do with you if she wants to wear weave? Its not affecting you isit? This is a fashion site not a hair site!

  12. Being that i am from boston and live there I can safely say this is very typical.I dislike very much that a lot of women in my area lack appreciation for original artistry and design its all about let me get the look for less everyday and frown opon people who actually appreciate fashion enough to invest in “classic” original pieces.These women rarely even know the origin of where their knock offs were inspired from.Then assume anyone with real designer peices are either spending beyond their means or being sponsored…Everyone wants to look cute for the day with no regard to actually being fashion forward or unique and this is a classic example of what is in my community….. low budget haters!!!!!!!!!

  13. I think she’s looks great. I’m not wowed by her as I have been by bombshells in the past but she is cute and sassy.

    As for her hair, I don’t care if it’s hers, weave or wig. It looks nice. I don’t care if someone’s hair is weave or if it’s their own, as long as it doesn’t look a mess.

  14. I think she looks good, no too trendy, not too messy. Very clean and cute. But ease up on the celeb stalk, bc that’s when its not ur style and just a copycat. And so many people make that mistake nowadays. Bc so many times and “even on this site” many confuse originality with looking like a hot mess and throwing on everything from the salvation army. Is this groundbreaking no, but is she cute? Yes And that leopard bodysuit is missing something…..

  15. I like her looks and she is a pretty girl. Give her some props already…some of the people that come to this site look for any minor flaw just to be negative.

  16. I didn’t say that she couldn’t shouldnt and can’t wear weave…I just don’t want a bombshell to look like every youtube guru and blogger from here to London. Where is the individuality? I guess it missed this bombshell and the commenters as well. So take your weave wearing @sses to the Chinese store before the weekend and grab that 2 for 1.

  17. Loni, its not about what you* want, if anything , set the trend- submit a few pics to fashionbombshell

  18. Damn I ain’t know this was a hair site! SMDH! Ya’ll do the most. Her fashion is normal to trendy for me but it works for her. It’s alot of hate on this site, alot of HATE. Why can’t black women give advice to the bombshells of the day, without putting them down! Ya’ll staying attacking, well come get me! I’m trained to go!

  19. BTW There is NOTHING wrong with wearing weave..NOTHING! If the sister wants to get her hair from the beauty supply store that’s her business! I don’t weave and have been natural since ’04 but will nevver look down on another for wanting to experiment with her hair. Its what makes us as black women beautiful and unique. *Heads to her blog now*

  20. Hey everyone!
    Thanks so much for taking the time to look at my pics! I appreciate all of your comments, really. Some more info about me: Just moved to boston from nyc, so I’d hardly say my style is typical of boston. I also live pretty far outside of boston, so I’m not even sure what the style is there. I spend my weekends in NYC with my husband and his family. I work 12 hr days so I wear a weave these days because i feel cute and it’s a different look and i can go from short and straight to long and sassy in no time.  Also,  because it’s sooo easy. I’ve been natural for 13 years so i know all about my hair (which is very long and thick and curly, kinky, nappy, etc) Like my cousin said, i’m fairly new to wearing this long weave, but shoot, I got it for free! who turns down free virgin Cambodian hair? lol.. I do youtube reviews and a company sent it over for me ot try. Why not:??! lol. Believe me when I tell you I do not spend a lot of time putting looks together, my career and crazy work schedule won’t allow for it. My comment about the celebrities was that a lot of girls celeb stalk and are inspired by their fashion and think they have to go out and spend the money,  but I’m all about being cute and trendy for the average girl without breaking the bank.  Will I ever be solange knowles?? no. Do I take big risks with my style? not really. Do I kill myself to look like everyone else? nope, but if someone is rocking something cute and i like it, why not be inspired? I just get up in the morning like everyone else, do my hair and makeup and my husbands takes pics of me. That’s all. I’m not trying to break into the fashion industry or become a trendsetter. I think this site is about different people and their take on fashion. I’m not high fashion. won’t ever be. I’m just me.  Oh, and the catsuit was just for fun! lol..wore that to a club one night, and i didn’t see one girl in Boston wearing a leopard print catsuit! ha ha..Thanks again for taking the time to critique my pics. I just starting doing this  a few months ago and my style is constantly evolving. Who knows? Maybe I will try to be more daring in my next post! xoxo, Lisa

  21. Go Lisa!! I am so glad you made that post. It was classy and proof-read(lol). You have and exude confidence. As long as you know yourself no one else’s opinion really matters. And if I got free Cambodian hair, I would have done the same.

  22. She’s very cute and her legs are pretty! I am jealous. Her style is good but not BOOM BADABOOM. Good job girl!

  23. Pretty lady with a classy response! Your pics show a warm, fun-loving spirit and your response to negative comments confirm it. Enjoy the versatility we’re entitled to as women…long hair, short hair, red lips, nude lips, flats, stilettos. Continue being yourself and best of luck with your blog!

  24. Lisa has a pretty face and a great figure. Her current style is very trendy, popular, so I can understand why many wouldn’t declare her as a bombshell; typically voters on this site go for a girl with a more unique style. I am sure when she gets a style that is truly her own she will be a bombshell, she does have a good eye and a body that can fit anything.

  25. Where in Boston are you? There are not too many there so I understand why you escape to NY every weekend.

    Nothing is groundbreaking but she said that herself. But she is presentable and takes the time to look nice.

    *eyeroll at the she has a weave so she must be baldheaded comments*

  26. Loni stop hair trolling geesh. Why cant ppl wear their hair the way they want to on here?!?! ugh, you ppl kill me!

    Lisa you look fine. You dont owe anyone an explanation about your hair. Its styled the way you want it.

    Thank you for sharing your looks! They are crute. Real crute.

  27. What a hot girl!!!! I love that she is sexy and colorful and owns everything she wears. She commands attention. And that hair…. to die for. Gorgeous.

  28. i voted pretty, but basic, but after reading her response to all of the critiques i’ve upgraded my opinion of her style to bombshell. i love the way she came back; very humble in her response. she seems like a down to earth person. do you girl.

  29. First, I would like to say that I love the way that she responded to the comments. Very positive and respectful. I actually really like her style, because it is simple, with little pops here and there. Not everybody has to be over the top, or thrift. My one critique would be her comment about classic pieces. Nothing wrong with being trendy, but it’s also nice to incorporate other things to add to the look. That’s where the classic pieces come in. And a lot of the times, they are worth the investment, because they are of very good quality…and probably look it as well!

  30. Lisa looks classy and trendy! not over the top. she is gorgeous inside and out. and as far as her hair is concerned this girl has super long natural hair underneath the weave. Sooo you hair haters need to do some research before making your rude comments!!!

  31. Lisa is a bombshell! she has great style. its classy and trendy but not over the top. and for you hair haters, Lisa has super long natural hair under that weave… probably longer than your hair!!! so do your research before you go and make crazy comments!!

  32. A husband how old r u? Ur too darling, respectful n poppin.. Shout out to the iamstyle chicks.

  33. I think she looks beautiful…I like wearable fashion. Cute and basic can also be associated with bombshell status. I think Kim K (sans the Kanye influence) is one of the best dressed celebrities, and dresses in very basic ensembles. Most of her everyday looks are built around black, white, khaki, and denim. But because she can dress for her shape and because she doesn’t ever really look like she is trying too hard to be “unique,” she is almost always on point.

    So just because one cannot pull off the whole Solange look (which I love on her) that doesn’t mean that one is not a fashion bombshell.

    In summation, Lisa is a bombshell! And I am not mad at her hair. Werk!


    The Girl Who Wears Black Everyday :-)

  34. Her hubby takes her pics? That is way too cute for my entire day! She likes her animal prints and I like how she worked the green skinnies for two outfits.

  35. I haven’t commented in a while, but I just wanted to say her attitude alone deserves a bombshell vote!

  36. Pretty woman….pretty outfits but I don’t think it would hurt to get into a few classic pieces…you can buy some classic pieces without breaking the bank

  37. I think you are a bombshell due to your personality. I love your upbeat attitude. And I love the fact that you don’t try to perpetrate; like taking the rent money to buy a new pair of shoes because Kim Kardashian had them on. Some of you GIRLS need to take notes.

  38. smh @ not wanting “classic pieces”…….are you going to be 40 shopping at forever 21 then? i don’t get it.

  39. I think her style is cute & I love her realness… she doesn’t seem like she’s trying to hard…

  40. I like it all and LOVE her attitude even more.

    Black women are the only women who think Black women dont have long hair. Get out more ppl. Or, shit stay in and google/youtube! Sheesh!

  41. Dimepieceonadime that was a great response…but you still aren’t a bombshell. You entered your photos for bombshell critique, not an essay on what makes you special.

  42. Damn some of y’all are just straight up nasty. Where are ur pics? I would seriously LUV to see how u measure up next to this girl. That body? that face? she’s such a cutie. I actually started following lisa on youtube a few months ago and i love how real she is. I love her and her style because it’s realistic. I think we can all appreciate crazy and beautiful style, but I don’t know that many people who actually wear it. How can u really appreciate fashion if u only appreciate the fashion that is popular? If she’s not rocking a fro, wearing a leopard print head wrap, loud maxi skirt, and crazy pumps it’s not fashion? And the comments about “classic pieces” and “celebrities” in her feature are cut and pasted from her “about me” section on her blog. They are taken out of context here, but if u read them on her blog she basically describes what u’ll find on her site. trendy. cute. everyday. if ur into that, then ull be into her. if not, keep it movin! Internet thugs make me so mad! Lisa, ur a bombshell, boo. You won’t ever see not a nan one of these hatin broads on fashionbomb or workin 12 hours and stay lookin fly like u!

  43. I love her! She is the sweetest and I think she has a great sense of style. We are both ladies who are all about being fashionable without breaking the bank!

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