Hey Bombshells! Today’s Fashion Bombshell of the Day is Kourtney from Florida, check her out below.

When asked, Kourtney descries her style as, “the NEW YORK “IT WOMAN”. I can pull of Fear of Gods and a NY fitted, Tory Burch and a Forever 21 maxi dress, So Kate’s and a business suit from ASOS or a H&M leather jacket, skinny, high waist Levi’s, Burberry booties with buckles, and an oversized sweater.  I am literally EVERY WOMAN (thank you Chaka, R.I.P. Whitney). But like some, I really learned a lot from my mother, Patricia Parrish. She was a model for Ashley Stewart’s and like her, she always made sure I was on a stage or in a camera.

In JHS, I modeled but never got picked to be apart of the infamous Barbizon Agency—it didn’t stop me though. My mom was intentional about my clothing until I learned for myself. Modeling in college, (EPICUREAN MODELING EXPERIENCE, INC. @epicurean94), enhanced awareness even more for me. Attending Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, FL definitely revealed my NYC style and I wanted it, more than ever, to be obvious. 

She finished by saying, “I’d also be remised if I didn’t mention my grandmother is one of the best seamstresses in BROOKLYN, NY. As well as my uncle, Jermaine Parrish, he’s an infamous musical director for a plethora of celebrities. His style is definitely what taught my the importance in details—stitching, good soles, fabrics, starching, how to iron…the works. It really just flows through the family.

What do you think of this Bombshell’s style?