Today’s Fashion Bomb Kids feature goes to Hailey Dailey, a 6 year old alopecia princess. Her website says, “At the tender age of 4, Hailey’s hair slowly began to diminish,” but this mini Bombshell turned her condition into advocacy.

She released a line called HaileyDaileyCouture which stock Tees with motivational phrases, including this one picture below that says, “Little Brown Girl, Big Influencer”.

Her mother Karima Karima says, “Hailey Dailey was created to help people find the strength to overcome their insecurities. We believe that self love is a pre-requisite for true happiness.” We couldn’t agree more.

There are so many people, not just children who struggle daily with this condition, and to see this young girl not only radiate through it, but use it to help others is truly inspirational! Way to go Hailey!

You can visit her website here.