Hey Bombshells,
Adriana here with a belated fashion week scene report.
During the New York shows, I got a chance to do something different and dip into e-Bay’s Vintage Style Suite held in the penthouse of the Royalton Hotel.


The space was transformed with romantic lighting, jewel-colored saris, and flowers and candles floating in over-large bowls, giving it the feel of a cozy treasure chest. A perfect backdrop for displaying some of the vintage gems available on e-Bay! Peep the standouts below (I include prices and vendors with each piece to make the items a bit easier to find).


Fabulous, no? I need that Lanvin dress (at $49.00!) in my life…
Visit e-Bay.com for these and other fantastic finds!

2 thoughts on “e-Bay Vintage Finds”

  1. I looove Vintage clothes. I will scour ebay for hours for those hard to find pieces. I once found a Oscar de La Renta Jumpsuit for under $50 bucks. It’s the hottest little thing and everyone loves it on me.

  2. Cute post and cute finds, never trusted or embarked on eBay but maybe I’ll go hunting soon

    Any tips??

    Thanks Adriana

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