Diva Beyonce graces the cover of Vogue Magazine’s April Issue:


Like the country, it’s the year of change for Vogue–this is their 2nd cover of 2009 featuring a woman of color (Michelle Obama was on Vogue’s March issue). Also, peep the coverline: they’re featuring fashions from Size 0 to Size 20.

I’ve got to give it to Vogue: they’re starting to do their part to reflect the demographics of America. I’m warming up to them, and might even consider reinstating my subscription.

What about you?

PS Beyonce debuts on the Shape issue, which last year featured a controversial cover with Lebron James and Gisele Bundchen:


There was so much drama. Is this restitution?

*A few other recent covers that made Vogue history:


10 thoughts on “Beyonce Covers Vogue’s April Issue”

  1. i kept my vogue subscription (2 years now) even through the lebron drama, and i agree that they’re definitely doing a lot more to be representative of the demographics of this country. i have to say, one thing that irked me about the lebron drama is that it meant that the fabulous spread they did on jill scott went totally unnoticed. vogue isn’t perfect yet, but they’re working harder to reflect the women who read the magazine, so kudos to them. they’re definitely doing a better job than british vogue, imo.

  2. hhmmm i don’t want to sound negative and i hope i don’t but does anybody think that with the hard economic times vogue is hoping to dip more into the pockets of african american women by putting them on the cover?

    there was a statistic in the essence issue with tyler perry on the cover that even in rough times we are more likely spend as we please…do you think vogues knows this?! i would think twice about warming up to vogue or even saying that they are changing for the better….there is a reason why…

  3. @ anonymous: you make a very valid point. and i am pretty sure that you’re right. fashion is just a part of big business as any other industry. i wouldn’t doubt that major, high-end labels are in cahoots with these media outlets right now….trying to come up with a sure fire way to get a more “diverse” crowd of buyers to spend on their brands…..


    that is a wonderful pic of beyonce. i am loving the fact that she is embracing the dark hair….looks like the promisings of a good spread.

  4. Beautiful cover. Beyonce also has a several page feature spread in the new issue of Italian VOGUE, go figure. She’s wearing short, platinum 1940’s waves and looks fabulous.

  5. It’s about time, quite frankly. Beyonce has been a star for years. A lot of the major mags have a tendency to throw the latest “It” girl on the covers only for us never to hear from them again. As much as I’d like to believe that Beyonce on the cover and the “size 0-20” title means that Vogue is moving in a more inclusive direction with respect to body types, color, etc., the reality is the economic climate has probably forced Anna’s hand more than anything else. Either, I’m glad to see B on the cover.

  6. ii am sooooooo proud of my country as a whole for the most part.
    people individually && companies colectively have been making CHANGE. it is really a beautiful thing. although sometimes ii think Beyonce can act a little “perswasion” … she is still a sista, && so Vouge gets a round of applause from me. Maybe with them stepping up to the plate, the fashion industry, and other establishments will step up too including black MORE afican-americans in their runways, their telivision programs, or whatever else we seem to be excluded from.

    *Props to Vouge*

  7. Beyonce does look amazing, but Vogue is known for airbrushing the s**t out of their cover models. does anyone remember the Drew Barrymore cover- she was barely recognizable. I would like to see Beyonce without half her arms chopped off by photoshop, as the strong, athletic shape that she is. She gives hope to the rest of us that share her body type!

  8. LOVE IT…michelle obama now beyonce??? Next month it can be Oprah niome chanel or tyra lol Vogue is acknowledging its black audience

  9. Beyonce looked absolutely fab in the photos…however, I there is one ding-dang photo of Adele which was supposed to represent the size 20 in this so-called Shape issue. I’m NOT impressed at all! Vogue may have got my money this time but NOT again! I agree with the post from SGStar, Vogue only cares about people of color when times are hard!

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