So my buddy Avon wanted to see where all the ‘people of color’ in Paris hung out, so I took him to Chatelet Les Halles, a shopping center in the center of the city. Within minutes I saw these fashionable men, who embraced everything from slick vests and pointed shoes to puffy red jackets and baggy jeans:


Style differences aside, it seemed white shoes and cool dark sunglasses were wardrobe musts!

What do you think of their style?


PS I took my first French Real Style at Chatelet when I came for vacation! Reminisce here.

4 thoughts on “Real Style: Chatelet Les Halles”

  1. Yup, Chatelets Les Halles in mos def the place to go to see fashionable peeps of colour. i sometimes go there for inspiration myself.

  2. This wouldnt happen to be my boo boo Avon Dorsey of Style 101?
    If so OMG! small world

  3. Are we going to get even minimal coverage of Toronto Fashion Week? I was at the Greta Constantine show on Friday (which Vuitton should have been at) and no coverage on the Fashion Bomb?

    Come on people, get with the times! There are some shows worth covering if for nothing more than Real Style pics.

  4. u know the Place !!
    so mad u miss me !
    I will love to see u Next time in chatelet ! im a Huge viewer of FB’ (if I could describe myself)
    ( im french so sorry for my bad english) LadyR’

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