For today’s Daily Style Inspiration, we’re mixing items perfect for the good girl gone bad!

Style Inspiration Good Girl Gone Bad

Rock a textured vest with a pair of ripped, remixed, washed jeans for a look that mixes ‘fly’ with ‘don’t eff with me.’ Amp up femininity with a bright red nail and stiletto ankle boots.
Purchase the actual splurgeworthy items below:

Or rock your own version using pieces pulled from your wardrobe.
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Style Inspiration is a feature showcasing high priced pieces you can use to inspire your style. Be inspired, then search for affordable items that offer the same aura.

5 thoughts on “Style Inspiration : Good Girl Gone Bad”

  1. Just as an alternative option to the leather vest there is a mean one at Marshalls right now (check your local store) for like $25 and it looks real! I’m just saying… But i love this look

  2. Yes love the bad girl look! They also have a vest at forever 21, that looks real for like $22 bucks!! there’s always an alternative!

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