Today we have a few snapshots of Brittany from Smoaks, South Carolina:


The 18 year-old says, “I recently started trying to get a more mature look. I am a shoe fanatic so my shoes are always the beginning of a look for me. I start college this year and I can’t wait to work my new style!


Brittany is a fellow blogger, and recently started her personal tribute to fashion called the The Chiffon Safari. Check it out at
In the meantime, what do you think of young B’s style?

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13 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day : Brittany from South Carolina”

  1. I love the booties in the second pic…..I remember when I started college my style was so different then it is now (recent grad). Trust each year as you grow you will see many changes in your taste.

  2. Awww look at my girl Brittany…i was just being nosey and i had to come see what you were talking about. I already seen these pictures before but ummm i like your shoes in the first picture and in the second picture….

  3. The blue dress is definitely a mature look for a 18 year old, but I like it! A sophisticate look is a MUST professional young lady.

  4. I cant see what is on the front of the top in the first pic, but the overall outfit looks very stylish! i like the 2nd pic too, the black and tan than feather earrings work well together! go brit!

  5. Wooow you’ve got a great sophisticated style for an 18 year old! Kudos to you. Im sure your style will evolve and get even better as you grow.

  6. to godiva-there is a pic of fashion veteran’s on the front of that tee.everyone from black models to’s from forever21 and so are the black booties.

  7. Very cute! Great simple, yet chic style to keep you stylish in college.

    Good luck at school!

  8. nicole i didn’t know your favorite blog was the fashion bomb too.i thought i was the only one here that knew about it since everytime i say anything about it people look at me like i am an

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