So last night I made my way to the Murakami opening gala at the Brooklyn Museum. I live *really* close to the venue, so basically there’s no way it was going to happen without yours truly in the house….


It was a pretty cool event, full to the brim with Francophiles and the requisite Japanese socialites. I had to snippy snap a few pix:
Marc Jacobs loves the Fashion Bomb…
So does Kanye (who performed!)….he was the sweetest man, even though this picture makes him look sad…
And I had to take a picture with man of the hour, Takashi Murakami. We know of him for his rainbow colored Louis Vuitton bags, but he’s so much more than that. I hope all of you check out his exhibit in my backyard, the Brooklyn Museum. He’s so so so dope.
Um. That does it!
I’m gonna rest up for the weekend:) I’m a mess.