Um, last night was action packed. So packed, in fact, that I’ll have to cut Mail Bombs short and tell y’all about my BOMB night. First, however, is Friday Mail…

…Let’s do it to it!
First up, reader Britt says, “I love this dress, but I’m short…
…Could you help me find a dress similar to this in a shorter style??
I did a quick search and felt this $471 Fendi Pleat Front Mini Dress could fit the bill…
…the color and length are on point. I think you could work it if you just pull the straps down a bit. Get this Kebede worthy runway look at
Next, reader Bee says, “I was wondering if you could help me get the same look as Naomi in the new Pinko ad…”
I love the look, and shape of the dress. I don’t necessarily want the same colours…Thanks.”
Hey! I stumbled up on this Boudoir Strapless Fringe Dress
… I think it works! Get it for $230 at
Lea from Atlanta says, “Ananda Lewis wore this fantastic, white cotton, lace-up front tunic with sequins on the Keyshia Cole Reunion Show...”
.. .This top is perfect for my upcoming 10-day trip to the Caribbean. Can you please help me find this?
Ananda’s exact top was hard to find, but I felt this Tory Burch Stone Embellished Tunic came close……it’s cute but quite the splurge at $470. Get it at
Next, a reader who calls herself Simply Me fell in love with Kelis’ vest pictured here:
She says, “I wanted to know where I could find this top or something similar. Since I’m young I also wanted to know what I could wear with it to fit my age.
Wow, Fashion Bomb Friend Kesh parties with Kelis? Cool! Anyway, since Kelis is wearing a wool vest ( a winter item), it’s hard to find the exact product amongst spring’s offerings. I did, however find this very age appropriate $20 sweater vest at
For a young person like yourself, I’d say you can wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and boots. If you want to sauce it up (as I once did back in the day), you can wear it with a black skirt with or without tights.
That does it!