So today, I bring you guys yet another ‘Breaking into Fashion‘ post!
A few weeks ago, reader Kori wrote in saying, “Can you elaborate more on finding out about Fashion Event Planning or Promotions?
Immediately, I thought of my good friend, Joresa Blount:


…a UNC graduate who does event planning and management for Tribeca Grand and Soho Grand Hotels in NYC…
Working behind the scenes in a pair of fresh to death sky high stilettos, Joresa speaks to clients, draws floorplans, schedules staff, buys supplies, and sets up spaces for events ranging from movie premieres studded with stars like Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Marc Jacobs to screenings of the finales of Project Runway.
She took a quick moment out of her busy schedule to tell all your aspiring event planners how to break into the system.

She says, “ I became involved in event planning/management when I took an internship at the Soho/Tribeca Grand Hotels. You need hands on experience to get a job in this industry, so an internship is key….”
Agness Deyn at Tribeca Grand Event
On a day to day basis, Joresa juggles quite a bit. “For fashion events, I have to deal with florists, lighting, sound, and event producers who help you come up with a concept and execute. It’s a huge production for something that can last about 20 minutes. That means the pressure is up for everything to be perfect!
Rachel Roy, Damon Dash, Madonna, and Guy Ritchie at screening at Tribeca Grand
While partying with Marc Jacobs is cool, she admits, “The hours vary week to week, and can be extremely long.” Still, she says, “I get instant satisfaction from a job well done. It’s nice to know when your guest has had an amazing time because their event was flawless.” She adds, “Plus the gift bags are always great!
Zoe Kravitz at recent Tribeca Grand Event
To be an event planner, you must be, “ detail oriented, a good listener, and someone who can make quick, sound decisions under pressure. Creativity doesn’t hurt!”
Also, “Make sure you look fabulous. It’s definitely an industry where looks are important!” she says, “Yes, it gets hard to run around in 4″ heels, but you got to do it. This is what makes things look glamorous!
Alright! Any future event planners in the house?

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9 thoughts on “How to Break into Fashion: Joresa Blount”

  1. Thanks for posting! Joresa seems fab! I am also an event planner at a Corporate level but would love to do it from a Fashion/Entertainment perspective.

  2. I really Enjoyed this piece very much! What a wonderful post and a great inspiration… esp her being a UNC girl! YAY!

  3. UNC Grad here too! Lady heels represent :) Congrats on your success Joresa!!

  4. so sweet, seems she is famous on a tall dating site:” Tallmingle.com “,there are many hot models.they vote the most beautiful member each month.
    funny thing…..

  5. I’m an event planner for a Black HIV/AIDS-focused nonprofit organization, and it definitely takes an eye for detail, especially when we have 3 events in 6 weeks.

    Smallest event will be an awards show with 500 people in attendance. Anyone who would like to break into event planning needs to get internships that are either marketing-focused, or event-focused. With one big event on your resume, you can go places!!

  6. I just stumbled upon this blog and while scrolling down I noticed Joresa. Crazy, because I remember her from UNC. Glad to see Tarheels are doing big things!
    Great blog.

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