While many of us are still languishing in lockdown, yearning for those shopping or fashion show moments, Verizon’s forthcoming 5G technology will soon allow us to experience both, virtually.

The next era of shopping will be ultra personalized, streamlined, telegraphing experiences and products to you in 3D.

Through technology with Evercoast, you can even create an Avatar that will allow you to try clothes on from the comfort of your home (think Clueless but way cooler).

Want a second opinion on an outfit? You can even invite your friends products and models can be rendered in 3D along like you do in real life. Superfast speeds allow you to transfer your hologram through the cloud, in near real time. It will stream at render with fully compressed textures, so you can get real feedback before buying.

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I am really excited about the future of fashion!

How about you?

This post was sponsored by Verizon.