Supernormal and out of this world, the MSCHF “Astro Boy’ boots have broken the internet and the latest celeb to take part in this viral sensation is no other than Ciara, who looked effortlessly chic while promoting her new song, “For Da Girls.”

Created by Brooklyn art collective “MSCHF” (pronounced mischief), the cartoonish red boots ––that were released this month–– have made a major impact, selling out within minutes of the drop.

According to the product description, “cartoonishness is an abstraction that frees us from the constraints of reality. If you kick someone in these boots, they go boing.”

We’ve seen these futuristic boots on celebs like Janelle Monae, Iggy Azalea, and Rich the Kid . Not to mention, influencers at New York Fashion Week who stole the show, and WWE star Seth Rollins who was seen stomping out his competition in the Big Red Boots.

Janelle Monae
Photo: Getty Images
Iggy Azalea
Photo: IG Reproduction
Rich the Kid
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However, unlike some celebrities who rocked the boot and looked like they were trying too hard to follow the latest trend, Grammy Award winning artist Ciara looked so fierce and bomb without looking overdone. CiCi was giving her personal style in a Black Michael Jackson thriller shirt with layered diamond neck candy and black shades.

She was giving what it was supposed to give as she affirmed herself through her new self love track about women’s Independence and empowerment. We could all benefit from taking notes on CiCi. She knows a thing or two about being independent and, in the voice of Lil Richard, she puts it on!

When these cartoonish boots initially came out, people had a lot to say, and made jokes about the boots because they didn’t know how to pull them off. However, Ciara showed us how to serve an effortless look without taking attention away from the boots (as if that’s even possible).

It’s been interesting to see the evolution of these cartoonish boots in such a short time and everyone has put their own twist on them. We can’t wait to see more celebs adopt the trendy boot into their wardrobe while living their best life, supersized.