Happy Thursday, Bombers and Bombshells! Today we wanted to introduce you to an LA based boutique you should know: LA Candiee (Los Angeles Candy).

The boutique was founded 4 years ago by Kerriann, a black single mom who is an artist and a librarian. She tells us, “I drove cross country from NY to LA about 10 years ago and never looked back. This store is a love letter to LA, my chosen city. “

She continues, “The company began as a thrift/consignment shop with a lot of its product coming from some of the best vintage/thrift shops in LA. It quickly grew into a boutique that also offers new and original design pieces by myself or from collaborations with local artists. “

Every item in the catalog falls into one of three categories. 

PL: Pre loved are thrift-ed classic and vintage pieces from the best vintage shops in LA.  

FC: Future classics new pieces that will be closet favorites and future vintage pieces. 

OD: Original Design are new pieces created using original artwork by Kerriann or community artists.  

Kerriann says, “I truly believe that good’ fashion can make you simply feel good, even in a simple graphic tee. I also believe that good fashion can be affordable.”

She offers, “Our tagline ‘you should be wearing art’ is a call to action. When someone asks me why not sell plain black cell phone cases instead of ones designed by local artists. My answer is if you just wanted a mass produced item go to a big box seller. We sell art. Every piece is hand selected by me. My main criteria for selection and creation is that it should make you smile when you look at it. “

She says, “Our next big venture are our sunglass line that will be debuting in the next couple of months. “lacandie sunnies” has been a labor of love and has been such a challenge, Living and driving in LA, I quickly realized the importance of a good pair of shades. Our glasses are all polarized and have UV 400 protection. They are the meeting of style and function. “

In conclusion, Kerriann says, “I get inspiration in some unconventional places. I just see beauty everywhere and believe it’s up to us to see the beauty in everyday things. “

Be sure to follow La Candiee on Instagram @LaCandiee and visit them at LaCandie.com.

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