We are always showcasing new designers you can shop at Fashion Bomb Daily Shop! Today, we are highlighting Sybille Guichard, founder and designer behind the shoe brand SybG:

Sybille Guichard, @therealtoe

Haitian American Sybille Guichard’s story is definitely an inspiring one, as she has learned to overcome unimaginable obstacles before launching her shoe brand. Born in Miami, Sybille spent most of her youth in Miramar which rests on the county line between Miami-Dade county and Broward county. She later graduated from Broward College where she received her Associate’s Degree. In an attempt to continue her education, Sybille was met with complications from her ongoing battle with Crohn’s Disease (a disease that causes inflammation of your digestive tract, which can lead to abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss and malnutrition) , which involved frequent visits to the hospital.

Sybille went out to start a non-profit for the disease and even opened her own nutrition center in 2019. Unfortunately, the center was forced to close three days after its grand opening as she was hospitalized for three months. Her time in the hospital allowed time to focus and lay out her goals, essentially helping her to establish SybG:

SybG by Sybille Guichard The Perfect Match PVC Multicolor Sandals (Brown and Red), $129

Sybille describes how she spent her time in her hospital bed building her brand, “I laid in my hospital bed my cousin bought me a sketch book. I drew so many different things, but shoes was the main inspiration. I started drawing as if SybG was a real brand. On my days I felt ok enough to be on my phone, I would search the web for information on how to produce a shoe from scratch. Before you know it, I was writing my manufacturer and they said they can make my shoe. By the time I got out the hospital, I had my first sample in production and on its way to my house…To know that I created something during a time that was so hard and scary for me, I made my dream a reality.

SybG by Sybille Guichard The Perfect Match PVC Multicolor Sandals, $129

When describing the brand, she narrows it down to two words: purpose and confidence. Heels already give off the utmost confidence, but she builds on the purpose aspect by including the Crohn’s Disease awareness ribbon on every pair of heels with a percentage of proceeds going to C.A.R.E. for Crohn’s Foundation. She further adds, “I want everyone who puts on a pair of SybG’s to know that they have purpose and they are confident, beautiful and sexy no matter what!

SybG by Sybille Colorblock Platform Sandals (Red, Pink, and Blue), $139

Since the brand just launched this year in January, Sybille has been utilizing influencers for brand exposure which led her to her biggest lesson in business: “Be careful when sending influencers free product because they can take your stuff and never post or tag you. Make sure whatever agreement you have with them is clear, say what you want because they will take that “gift” and keep it pushing.”

Claire Sulmers in SybG by Sybille Guichard The Perfect Match PVC Multicolor Sandals, $129

Sybille has big goals and plans for SybG as she hopes to take it to a global level! She expresses, “I want my shoes in department stores, boutiques, and even on the red carpet because SybG is for everybody. If you got some swag, then you can wear it.

SybG by Sybille Guichard On a Pedestal Heels, $139

In closing, Sybille Guichard praises Fashion Bomb Daily as “an amazing platform for creatives and fashionistas/fashionistos” and expresses her excitement to join the Fashion Bomb Daily Shop family. She also leaves future business owners with some advice: “Have faith. God will always guide you. And have confidence, people are attracted to confidence. If you believe in your vision, then act like it. Self doubt is not allowed, that’s just background noise.

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