“Take me, take me to the water/Summertime, summertime/Maybe, we can fall in love…”–Corina, “Summertime, Summertime.”

Hey hey,
So it’s the height the summer, and you’re probably thinking of hitting the beach, pool, or swimming hole (if you haven’t already). If you’re like me, you’d love to hit the water in a hot ‘kini. And if you’re also like me, you might find that department store size bikini tops don’t necessarily fit your ample bosoms….and that a ‘large’ leaves you looking a tad indecent (I’m talking to you Diane von Furstenberg!!!).
Anyway, in my exhaustive shopping travels, I’ve found a few brands where tops come in bra sizes, leaving the ambiguous S,M,L sizes to those with less to fill their cups:
First up, Freya and Fantasie bikinis come in a host of fun colors with tops that range from a B up to a voluptuous F. Yes they do!
This $43 Singapore Swing Black Halter with Red Detailing comes in D and DD cups…


And the matching $27 Classic Bikini Brief comes in Small, Medium, and Large…

This $70 Fantasie Rumba underwire balcony bikini top comes in 32D-38 F…

And it’s matching $45 Rumba short comes in Small, Medium, Large, and X large…

Cute! Check out more Freya and Fantasie swimsuits at www.figleaves.com.
You can also find ‘bra size’ bikinis at this fab website, www.maliamills.com. The bikini tops are all inclusive–they run from a 30AA to 38DD! The bottoms also correspond to real sizes and run from size 2 to 16.
This cute $125 Lola Bikini comes in 4 colors and is perfect for a C…

And this $125 Dmure suit comes in 3 colors and is made for those with a size D.

Check it out!
Finally, if you need a little bit more style, check out Shoshanna swimwear.
This $84 Shoshanna Pink Gingham Halter comes in cup sizes from B-DD (matching bottoms are $70)….

…This cute $42 Paisley Halter comes in B-DD as well (matching bottoms are $35)…

…And this $150 Zig Zag Halter Swimsuit goes from an A up to a DD…

Now get your swim on! I’ve got ya covered:)
*Find more swimsuits at www.swimsuitsforall.com!

8 thoughts on “Bikinis for Ample Bosomed Beauties”

  1. Thank you so much! I’m a C/D and was just at the store Monday, frustrated like crazy, because nothing fit! Great post :)

  2. Yeah, I was at Saks and I couldn’t find anything at all. I felt fat, but that’s not it. It’s that the tops are made for anorexics!


    I’m a DDD/F, with a size 30 waist, and a pretty Large sized rear! I can NEVER, EVER, EVER, find a bikini that has enough material to fit my top! If I get an XL, the top is too small, and I’m swimming in the material at the bottom! I’ve often wondered whrere the BIG FAKE BOOB girls get their suit tops from?!
    You usually cover ALL ASPECTS of fashion, so when I had yet to see this type of post, I figured I MUST be the only one who has this issue!
    Thank you SO MUCH for sending me in the right direction, you’ve given me hope!

    -Can’t wait to shop now
    Bay Area, Cali

  4. heyyy what about tankinis and one pieces not everyone likes to show ur stomachs…
    as for me i want something to less emphasize my big rear end and hips..please help!

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