“I’m a d-boy they decoy/They money is lighter/Than Nicole Richie/Roll with me/They on a diet, baby…” Jay-Z, “Anything”

So now that this Hollywoord Starlet is allegedly with child and delaying her trial for a DUI charge…I thought it timely (and only right) to take a look at the style of notoriously skinny super socialite…

Nicole Richie

…Nicole Richie.
She might sport a blonde mane and hang with Paris Hilton, but she’s still a sista! Homegirl has come a long way over the past few years.
Anyone who watched The Simple Life can see a marked improvement in her look.
Ms. Richie went from multicolored ratty tendrils…

…and ill fitting clothes…

….to a certified grade “A” fashionista replete with a chic haircut and hot clothes to boot (I’m sure her former stylist Rachel Zoe had something to do with it, but I digress).
For nights out, Nicole brings it in bold colored, body flattering dresses..

…straight shooting strapless numbers…

…and mod frocks in cute psychadelic prints…

In her downtime, she keeps it super casual in plain t’s, tanks, and skinny jeans, but distinguishes her look with hot accessories like hippie-esque large glasses…

…head and neck scarves…

…large, statement bags…

…with a jumper thrown in for good measure.

Want her look? Start with these items:

Top Row: Chloe Sunglasses, $275, www.aloharag.com; Cotton Crinkled Oblong Scarf, $24, www.urbn.com.
Bottom Row: Swirl Print Tie Back Dress, $102, CoutureCandy
Rebecca Minkoff Elisha Bag, $591, shopbop.com
PS Still don’t think she’s cute? Remember the good old days….

PSS Thanks to www.dlisted.com for the throwback pic!

23 thoughts on “Style File: Nicole Richie”

  1. There aint nothing about Nicole Richie that says “Sista”. Lionel Richie is not even her biological father, the chick is 100% white, anorexic chic.

  2. I like Nicole and I’m loving the purple dress she’s wearing in this post. Anyone know the designer or where I can purchase it, even better!

  3. She is kinda anorexic actually… but i sort of prefer this her look to her rather chubby look in the simple life, i wish she would know when to stop starving herself tho…

  4. She is bi-racial and self-identifies as African-American. Keeping it real Nicole. If she would gain just 15lbs she would look so much better.

  5. i have definitely heard her say she I.D.s as black.

    love her style. questionable health.

    she looks better thin, but needs to gain at LEAST 5 pounds or more.

    great sunglasses!

  6. That’s because she is not a sista’. I don’t care what she says, you have to have black in you in order to be considered black. Lionel is not her biological dad.

  7. Where can I find that jumper Nicole was wearing? I love it. Jada Pinkett-Smith was wearing a similar one in People Mag but I can’t find it anywhere! (slightly different than the look Rhianna sported) Please help!
    ~~Teena B.

  8. Okay, can someone please send proof of WHERE and WHEN she said she “identifies herself as African-American” and even biracial? I like Nicole, LOVE her style, and have been following her stardom over the years. I have never read any reference to the race of her bio parents…

  9. She’s clearly not white. Seriously. She might ‘pass’ or whatever, but she’s got a lil something up in there.

  10. why do you have to be black to be a ‘sista’? why does everything these days have to become a big racial debate? of all the things you could have commented on, it amazes me THIS was what your focus became. Grow up, get over it. Being black, being white – who gives a toss.

  11. Karen said…
    why do you have to be black to be a ‘sista’? why does everything these days have to become a big racial debate? of all the things you could have commented on, it amazes me THIS was what your focus became. Grow up, get over it. Being black, being white – who gives a toss.

    1:06 PM

    I dunno *where* you are from Karen, but it is a well known FACT that the slang term “sista” and “brotha” apply to *Black* ppl. Not, white, latino, asian or any other race but BLACK.

    I dunno if Nicole is black or not. She is the biological niece of Sheila E (E for Escovedo) who is apparently black, Mexican and creole. By the “one drop” rule, Nicole is Black, but I don’t think she ids herself as such and if she does, its only so she can “get away” with and “sound cool” when she says the n-word.

    Despite all of this and her poor health habits, i think her style is great!

  12. I thought her father was Peter Michael Escovedo. She looks just like him. Not sure about who her mother is.

  13. I think body-wise she looked better when she was bigger… now she just looks like a walking skeleton… BUT.. she dresses better now.. and she is black.. somewhere along the lines

  14. It is too too sad that this chick is so anorexic because her fashion game (now) is on point. There was a middle ground where she started to lose some of the wait but still had some meat on her. She’d look better if she still looked like that.

    p.s.: I still can’t believe this chick has enough fat on her body to even get pregnant…

  15. The Simple Life star Nicole Richie says, “I am black!” She said that in response to questions from “Norm MacDonald [who] asked what everyone wonders, but is too PC to speculate about: Nicole Richie’s skin color, as Gothamist puts it. Nicole, of course, is Lionel Richie’s daughter. Gothamist reprints the relevant portions of an interview with Paris and Nicole from E! Online. Norm asked, “Did you get in any trouble because you’re black? … I thought hillbillies didn’t care for black people.” Nicole replied, “They love me.” Meanwhile, Paris Hilton maintains that she’s not a dumbass nor a spoiled brat. “I was playing a character. I’m totally normal. I think it’s obnoxious when people demand limos or bodyguards. I eat at McDonald’s or Taco Bell. My parents always taught us to be humble. We’re not spoiled,” she tells USA TODAY.


  16. she said on the tyra banks show that she is black.

    and im pretty sure she doesnt hang with paris hilton anymore. i was thinking about the n-word thing, too, but remembered they arent really friends anymore and there arent recent pics of them together.

    a recent article said her baby is in danger and she needs to gain forty pounds to have a healthy child…

  17. she is black you all are right she has said it many times that he is black her mom is from the dominican, and her dad is unknown…but she is many things…So because of this she is not passing, passing is when you tell others you are white to gain access to certain things in society…Ie…Most of my family….I know first hand..Anyways I love her fashion style now but I wish she would gain some pounds

  18. pretty girl-nicole richie identifies as black and she has said it many times. she is a woman of color (whatever mixture of ethnicities she is, she’s certainly not white), and she was raised by african-american parents. i really don’t think anybody has the right to dispute the way someone self-identifies on any level, EVER. what qualifications do YOU have that you can look at someone else and decide for them what ethnicity they are? i read an article where rashida jones claimed that some of the people that she had the biggest issues with in her life were other black women, because they constantly told her she wasn’t black enough and challenged her right to identify as african-american. there are black people who look like nicole richie and black people who look like alek wek. it’s a spectrum that has been in existence for many centuries. in this instance, the problem isn’t nicole richie, it’s the people who have a myopic view of ethnicity, race, and self-identification.

    anyway, i love nicole richie’s style. i like how she keeps her clothing simple and wears interesting accersories, and her handbag selection is the shit.

  19. Nicole Richie is adopted, that is a fact. However I did not know that Sheila E is her aunt. If that is the case then Nicole is definately mixed race although in the pictures I have seen she could pass for white. I think it is endearing that she classifies herself as Black, it shows that Lionel and Brenda Ritchie did a great job making sure that she was educated on her Black heritage. In terms of her style she has transformed herself from a thrift shop lurker to a stylish, chic swan in all of 60 seconds. However, stylist Rachel Zoes (who she ended up dissing) should take the credit here as it was she who crafted Nicole’s much coveted and copied look. Now if Nicole could start eating properly…..

  20. Are you kidding me? This is a fashion site. Who cares what she is? I’m with Karen. Love the romper!!

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