The category is Bey, and chile she never disappoints. Now that her Renaissance tour is underway, we’re officially in the “Beyonce era,” where it’s all about Queen B’s adventurous escapades and fabulous looks.

Currently in the UK, the ‘Cozy’ singer looked quite cozy next to her husband Jay-Z of 15 years in a black bejeweled asymmetrical Balmain gown that hung perfectly off her shoulders and had a matching adorned mini bag. The romantic duo were on their way to go celebrate at a luxurious and private bar in the Mayfair area of London called, “Harry’s Bar.”

Photo Credit: IG/Reproduction

Rapper Jay-Z who has a net worth of 2.5 billion dollars, kept it simple in all black with white sneakers that looked like Pumas from afar. Talk about quiet luxury- being able to enjoy luxury apparel without designer logos plastered everywhere.

In case you’re wondering why the ‘Dangerously in Love’ couple is smiling from ear to ear, they officially closed on their dream Malibu home that they purchased for a record-breaking 200-million dollars. That’s right! Bey and Jay break history once again, this time in the real estate market.

The couple reportedly purchased the most expensive home in California, and the second most expensive home in the United States, with the exception of an apartment in the New York area that ranks #1. It doesn’t get any better this and because we know Jay-Z is an Art collector, you can only imagine the wealth that will be hanging from the walls.

Beyonce is no doubt in her prime, and with Jay-Z by her side, Bonnie and Clyde are making moves while on the run in London. Despite recent rumors of the government claiming that Bey owes over 2 millions in taxes, Queen B is letting us know that there’s clearly a mistake as she’s financially equipped to take on a whole nation.